Special People

Aoife arrived home from school with a letter. To celebrate Valentine’s Day the children are to write about their special person, who it is and what makes them special. The special person will then win a meal for two at a lovely local eating house.


I asked Aoife who she would nominate, “who is your special person?”

“Maggie and Rose” she replied. The twins from her class at school. I’m not going to lie, I was miffed. Maggie and Rose? REALLY? And the reason? She likes to play schools with them.


I could play schools. Oh they are lovely girls, really they are but they’re 4, they aren’t going to appreciate a meal for two.

I was bitter.
Today Aoife proudly announced that she’d changed her mind, she had a new special person. I didn’t get giddy, she’s got me with this twice already since Twingate, both were other classmates who were ‘good at being friends’. I asked who the lucky person is today…..IT’S ME!
I’ve finally made it on to the special person list and this makes me happier than I thought it would. I asked what made me special, which of my wonderful parenting skills push me to the realm of special? More special than Daddy, Grandma, Grandad and everyone in reception class.
“Well Mummy, you look after me and make me lovely food, except the fish pie you made the other day. Don’t make that again” (looks like that sodding pie is going to be used against me for a while).
I don’t for one minute think I’ll be winning the meal for two but I’m over the moon I’ve made it into the Top 5 of Aoife’s Special People. Yes, the bottom of the top 5 and yes I’ll probably be knocked out of it by some other child very soon but right now this very minute I’m top 5!

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