Errors of my ways.

Aoife and I were taking a 10 minute walk home

“Mummy, I really need a wee”
“You should have gone before we left, we’ll have to walk fast”
“I didn’t need to go then but I REALLY need to go now”
“I’m afraid there’s not a lot I can do”
“But I NEED to go” Continue reading “Errors of my ways.”

Morning has broken (me)

Our house thrives on the morning routine, we have one, it works.
Every day we wake up (always a good start) Rory has a shower then disappears downstairs with the children. I run a bath for the children then have a shower. When I get out of the shower there’s a cup of coffee and a Muller Light waiting for me, I get dressed and drink the coffee. Continue reading “Morning has broken (me)”


I pick Aoife up from school every day at 3.15pm without fail. I’ve never forgotten her and I’ve never been late (though Aoife argues that the day I was stood at the wrong side of the gate I was late and she went on about it for weeks). Anyway, she goes to bed at 6.45pm. That gives us 3 1/2 hours to catch up and spend time together. I ask all the probing questions   Continue reading “Bedtime”

Happy Monday

Seth *turns off DVD. Cries*
Me *turns DVD back on*
Aoife *closes Mathletics tab on laptop*
Me *logs her back in*
Seth *pushes Tivo buttons so Minions goes off again. Cries*
Me *Puts it back on again*
Aoife *’Accidentally’ closes Mathletics again*
Me *logs her back in*
Xabi *scared of the wind, bombing round the house mewing like a mad cat*
Seth *laughs. Tries to catch Xabi*
Aoife *logs back out of Mathletics*
Me *Shuts down laptop* Continue reading “Happy Monday”