“My Moon, My Man”

I realise that I rarely write about the man love of my life.
This isn’t because he is shy or doesn’t want to be spoken about. Quite the opposite in fact, he says I don’t speak enough about him.
He just isn’t nearly as hilarious as the rest of us – kidding, he’s our glue.

So here it is, the Rory edition. Continue reading ““My Moon, My Man””

Things their mother said…

“Please can I leave the table?”
“Well you can’t take it with you”

I was about eleven when I finally got what this meant! Continue reading “Things their mother said…”

“I love you with all my heart, well, most of it”

We’re into week three of the summer holidays (though someone clearly forgot to inform the sun)
We’ve had a couple of fall outs, a LOT of chattering, a close escape, a fair bit of foot stamping and declarations of inhumanity, a LOT more chattering and not enough wine. Continue reading ““I love you with all my heart, well, most of it””

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”


Seriously, I did it.

It took 6 hours 20 minutes, (EDIT Rory’s fancy watch tells us we did it in just over 5 hours!) one almost panic attack, one cry, one toilet break, a banana, a cereal bar, water, chipped nail varnish, a lot of “sorry”, “shit” and “Whoaaaa ‘king hell” and one massive “SHIT ON IT”
But I did it.

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