Liebster Award -Discover new blogs

Step aside La La Land, there is no mistake this time Moonlight. It’s the Liebster Award and it’s mine all mine! Ok, maybe that’s over egging it a little.
I would like to thank the lovely Lisa from Pass the Prosecco…Please for nominating me. Continue reading “Liebster Award -Discover new blogs”

Potty training – Woe

I lost a round of toddler Top Trumps with Aoife’s lack of potty skill when she was about two and a half,  obviously this led me to think she was probably behind developmentally and the lack of potty skills would hinder her socially. She would go on to do badly at school and have no friends (you know, all those thoughts you have when the other mums brag about what their kids can do) and so decided we must get her on the potty. Continue reading “Potty training – Woe”

Children-The Strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.

More and more recently I’ve noticed the term ‘snowflake’ being bandied around in a derogatory manner, generally by puffy chested, brash, middle class, middle aged alpha male types with an over inflated sense of ‘self’.
Maybe I’ve been living with my head in the sand but I had to Google the term to see what it meant. The internet ‘reliably’ informs me that snowflakes (or one from the snowflake generation) are young generations who are more likely to take offence and less hardy than those from generations before. They are emotionally vulnerable as a result of parenting that has given them an inflated sense of their own uniqueness. Continue reading “Children-The Strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.”

Valentine’s Day – Love is….

Valentine’s  Day is almost upon us. The day where we remember Saint Valentine, the patron saint of hearts, chocolates, roses and cards…Oh, wait…
Now don’t get me wrong I’m not some kind of grinch, OK yes I am. I love the idea of celebrating love. I LOVE it but, as with every lovely idea, commercialism has come along and just ruined it for everyone. The run up to Valentine’s day is an abundance of adverts for meals for two, pretty outfits to impress the love of your life, jewellery, pink wine because pink is LOVE obviously, chocolates and tacky cards. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day – Love is….”

The Bedtime Tag

I have been tagged in the Bedtime Tag! Thanks to Grumpy Mummy for that.
(I may have thought there was a prize of more sleep – not the case)
Anywhooooo, here we go… Continue reading “The Bedtime Tag”