I’m going to Blog On MSI.

First off apologies, this is a post for fellow bloggers, I’m not just answering lots of random questions about me.
Well, I AM but it’s for a purpose.
See, there’s this blogging conference in May that I’m going to and this is the ice breaker so I feel like I actually know folk when I get there. It’s not just me doing it, it’s a ‘thing’.
Obviously, if you’re not a blogger just a nosey bugger like me then there’s nothing wrong with you reading along too.

I am SO excited to be going to my first conference BUT I’m also feeling terribly fraudulent. I’m not a ‘proper’ blogger. I’M A FAKE. Or at least I feel like one.
Anyway, I’m banging on here so let me just get on with the show.

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Describe yourself in three words

Witty, shy & wine.

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

I’ve had a blog for just over a year but I would say I’ve only been actual blogging since January, that’s to say that’s when I got on the social media band wagon and really started upping my game. I started because I used to put little stories about my daughter on Facebook and everyone (well, my mum and her friend) used to say “You should write a book” but I didn’t know where I’d begin so a blog was easier!

What was the inspiration behind your blog name?

Ah, I would love to put something deep and profound here. To put it simply, since the internet was invented my email has been itsmeannieb@ not very professional unless…..you make a blog and have that as your blog name! My actual human name is Anna, no one calls me Annie except my mum on occasion.

What is the best thing to come from your blog so far?

I have two answers, one is totally schmultzy and the other not. I LOVE the blogging community, yes it’s a bunch of people I’ve never met who, if I think about it too hard, might not actually exist but it’s also a bunch of people who are so happy to lift up other people. To offer a virtual pat on the back and all those things we should be doing for one another in real life.
My second answer is a colourful glowing toilet. I got a toilet nightlight to review and it’s actually in my top 10 favourite things EVER. After children and family of course.

Your most remembered thing from your childhood

My strongest memory is when we lived in Germany and Dad was on sentry duty overnight. I got to sleep in my mum’s bed and we got chips from the chip van and watched Top of the Pops on a little black & white TV. The Lion Sleeps tonight by Tight Fit was on and I remember thinking it was quite rude because the people didn’t have many clothes on. I’ll have been about 4.

Something interesting you might not know about me is . . .

Nope, I’ve got nothing. There’s loads you don’t know about me but none of it is very interesting.  That’s not to say I’M not interesting. Just things about me aren’t.

Which social media platform best describes your personality and why

Pinterest! My head is full of things I’ve saved but I’m not entirely sure why or what I’ll ever do with them.

What is your happy song?

Hmmmm I think Love Shack by the B52s it makes me jiggle. Oh or maybe Groove is in the Heart by Deelite. I just can’t decide!

What is your favourite alcoholic drink

Red wine. The more full bodied the better.
Or Rum.

What is your favourite cake?

Coffee and Walnut cake, it’s the best cake in the world. Unless it’s too dry then it’s the worst.

What is your favourite takeaway dish?

It’s got to be something Indian. Always onion bhaji and either chicken tikka masala or chicken saag with garlic naan. I’m hungry now!

Where is your dream holiday destination and why?

I would LOVE to go to Turks and Caicos, it just looks so idyllic. It’s always warm. The sand is white, the sea is turquoise and the sky is blue. If a cloud shows up it is fluffy and white not grey and mean. I don’t think it will ever be in my budget. I have seen some truly optimistic PR Requests out there so I might just give that a go “Villa in Turks & Caicos required to review #prrequest”.
That’d work right?

What would your superhero name be?

WineWoman. Kind of obvious. I might not get much world saving done but you can be sure I’ll be having a good time anyway.

If you had a magical power, would you want to have and why?

I’d like a watch so I could stop time, like Bernard’s Watch from the TV years ago. I’d put people in funny positions. I’d help people out. I’d never be late and I’d pee in peace!

What one weapon would help you survive a zombie apocalypse?

A shotgun. We’ll do it Romero style. Though I’d probably get so cross with them and tell them off and get eaten in the process.

If you could send something into space, what would it be? 

Donald Trump.

What would you have on your gravestone?

“She was happier than her face led you to believe. “

You make headline news around the world in 2 years time… but for what reason?

For breaking the internet whilst trying to customise my blog.

If an EMP wiped out all mechanical forms of transport, how would you get to BlogOn?

I’d make a chariot and use my family as horses.

8 thoughts on “I’m going to Blog On MSI.

  1. You aren’t the only person to send trump into space, nor are you the only one referring to yourself as ‘not a proper blogger’ 😀 No-one is any more or less a blogger and a lot of the sessions offer more to less experienced bloggers or people who are changing their blog direction. You’ve as much right to be there as anyone else!

    Looking forward to meeting you, thank you for taking part on the linky – Jenny – commenting on behalf of myself and BlogOnUK.
    Jenny @ thebrickcastle recently posted…Personalised Bronze Sextant Pocket Watch Review: GiftsOnline4UMy Profile

  2. Oh my, your suggestion for your gravestone had me in stitches… Why do we all have grumpy looking faces as our “resting face”?!

    1. I’m going to wear my best ‘ I’m totally approachable’ face to Blogon. There’s every chance it will look scary ?

  3. Now I feel the need for a glowing toilet nightlight too! haha. You’re the second coffee and walnut lover of the linky… I’m worried I’m missing out there too! Looking forward to meeting you!

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