The Perfect Christmas Cake recipe – IMHO

As a fan of Christmas I’ve tried to create lots of lovely traditions for us as a family and make everything just perfect.

Since she was three, Aoife and I have always made and later decorated the Christmas cake together.
It’s something we both really enjoy doing and it means I can use lots of lovely hashtags across social media, you know the sort;

The hashtags matter not, we have created a lovely tradition.

I’m going to hold my hands up though, there is an ulterior motive to this tradition.
The reason I actually let Aoife help me bake the cake and decorate it herself is so the rest of Christmas is mine.
I am very particular with what I like and how I like it.
No one decorates the tree but me.
So when Aoife says
“Mummy, can we have though blue sparkly baubles with cartoon characters on them?”
I can chuckle and say
“Oh darling, I didn’t interfere with your cake so don’t you interfere with my tree”


How hygienically we decorate.

I’m not entirely awful though, I leave a special space at the back, middle of the tree for the lovely decorations they make at school.

My quest for all things perfect at Christmas has resulted in me trying and tweaking many different recipes until they are just right.

I like our Christmas cake to be nutty and not too moist. The recipe is largely Delia but with less faffing and a bit more rum.
I did suggest to Rory that I use amaretto in the cake this year, it was a little too controversial for his liking.

Below is the recipe Aoife uses.
Once the cake is made she decorates it.
I didn’t put that bit but you know because you are super.


Thanks for reading, I'd love to know what you think.

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