Holidays with a family.

We’ve just booked our Easter holidays. HUZZAH!

We have rented a villa in the South of France….Again!
I can’t wait.

I always said I’d never be the person who goes on holiday to the same place.
Well guess what?
I AM THAT PERSON NOW AND I DON’T CARE. Continue reading “Holidays with a family.”

The Polar Express – Weardale (by a 6 year old)

I will come right out and apologise now.


As we are in that festive period, my attempt at creating a ‘perfect’ Christmas has gone into overdrive. With that and this ‘parenting’ thing I do I am going to probably be a shoddy blogger between now and the new year. Well, unless something irks me then my soap box and I will be out in full force. Continue reading “The Polar Express – Weardale (by a 6 year old)”