Solid vs Engineered Flooring

This is a collaboration. 
In the flooring world, and in particular the hardwood world, one of the biggest questions asked is what is better, solid or engineered wood? Continue reading “Solid vs Engineered Flooring”

La Casita Granary Wharf, Leeds.

Last week I headed into town with a friend, Rachel, (I have friends).
Continue reading “La Casita Granary Wharf, Leeds.”

I’d rather be fat than a twat.

Last week on a blogging group, the question of the day read thusly:
“‘Bubbly’ bloggers are more popular. Discuss” Continue reading “I’d rather be fat than a twat.”

The Perfect Christmas Cake recipe – IMHO

As a fan of Christmas I’ve tried to create lots of lovely traditions for us as a family and make everything just perfect. Continue reading “The Perfect Christmas Cake recipe – IMHO”

The Soundtrack to The Film of my Life.

Today, as the children are away, I listened to the wireless.
For half an hour, each song took me back to a time in my life. Continue reading “The Soundtrack to The Film of my Life.”