Are YOU a Supermum?

Today I happened across this article and have got myself surprisingly cross with it! (Hence a second blog in two days which is being typed very aggressively)

To generally outline the article, ‘research’ (not actual scientific)¬† has revealed a ‘definitive guide’ on how to achieve ‘perfect mother status’ (or 2000 women were asked what they thought made a perfect mum).

Apparently 57% of us mums know someone who has the downright cheek of attempting to portray themselves as a ‘perfect’ mum.
60% of the women asked find these women ‘irritating’ and almost 75% ‘dislike’ it when these mums ‘show off’ their achievements on social media.

So much for the sisterhood….. Continue reading “Are YOU a Supermum?”


We’re getting ‘holiday ready’! Not a body thing (that ship sailed) but the preholiday week of attempting to get shit together whilst consistently being unprepared.
Choosing the accommodation was bad enough.
Can’t share room with kids, they’re noisy.
No balcony, Seth’s a climber.
No ungated pools, they’re fearless.
Nowhere TOO hot, we all get grumpy. Continue reading “Procrastination”

The joys only a child can bring (or maybe a puppy)

The children are on their holiday.
OK, I’ll admit it. I’m missing them so much already.
My house feels empty. So quiet.
I feel like I have no purpose to my existence when they’re not here.
As much as I think I miss my BC life on occasion, I must have spent a lot of time bored! Continue reading “The joys only a child can bring (or maybe a puppy)”

Holidays are coming.

Firstly, a clarification.
I worry that to those who don’t actually know me, I may come across a bit blas√© in regard to my children/parenthood, like I think it’s some huge joke. I’m not. I love my children with every fibre of my being. My heart hurts when I’m not with them. I would move heaven and earth for them. I just find life a lot more fun if I make light of things and admit the not so wonderful and fuzzy times we have.

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Sleep, it’s for the weak.

You may recall a previous post where I spoke about how bedtime in our house could be a bit of a rigmarole. Well, we cracked it! We had a full week of going to bed and going to sleep brilliantly. I was going to allow myself to be smug then… Continue reading “Sleep, it’s for the weak.”