Education Quizzes Review

Six weeks is a long time off school and out of ‘learning’ for a child, this and the transition into a new academic year can mean that for some it can take a little while to get back into the swing of things. Continue reading “Education Quizzes Review”

Running Free! – Leeds Mini run 2017

Before I start I just want to say, this is totally going to be a ‘proud mum’ post.

I tend to veer toward the more ‘challenging’ side of parenting when I write, that’s simply because that’s where the funny stuff is.

Aoife reading Dostoyevsky at 6 isn’t funny. It’s just super impressive. Continue reading “Running Free! – Leeds Mini run 2017”

Manners cost nothing, just don’t expect a thank you note.

I, like most parents, try to teach my children good manners.

I teach them to say please if they’d like something and thank you if they receive something.
I try to teach them not to interrupt if others are talking and not to point out the more ‘negative’ traits of others aloud. Continue reading “Manners cost nothing, just don’t expect a thank you note.”

3 Ways To Raise Open-Minded Kids.

This is a sponsored post. Disclaimer


The world’s a very small place these days. Everywhere we go, we’re exposed to people with different ideas, cultures, backgrounds and values, and intriguing fusions of things that used to be worlds apart. Continue reading “3 Ways To Raise Open-Minded Kids.”

Stand up to Bullying Day

During the Summer of 1991 some girl called Michelle got a chip on her shoulder and decided I was to be the person she took it out on. We were actually friends before. It was all just her spouting shit about me hoping for a reaction and turning my friends against me. Continue reading “Stand up to Bullying Day”