Happy New Year!

So here we are, ready to enter a brand spanking new year.
The year two thousand and seventeen.
It wil be my 39th year on this here planet.
BLOODY HELL. Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

“I love you with all my heart, well, most of it”

We’re into week three of the summer holidays (though someone clearly forgot to inform the sun)
We’ve had a couple of fall outs, a LOT of chattering, a close escape, a fair bit of foot stamping and declarations of inhumanity, a LOT more chattering and not enough wine. Continue reading ““I love you with all my heart, well, most of it””

“How he dresses, I care zero, so long as he don’t steal my drink”

This time last year, Aoife was starting her taster sessions for Reception Class, it was a big bloody deal. She barely seemed old enough, I wasn’t ready for her to leave nursery and I CERTAINLY wasn’t ready for her to start big school!

I wasn’t ready to start big school! Continue reading ““How he dresses, I care zero, so long as he don’t steal my drink””

Mother’s Day

As I sit here in the corner of my couch in a makeshift nest made of cushions nursing the mother of all hangovers I’m thankful that Seth has opted for the nap he usually refuses on a weekend. I’m thankful that Aoife knows how to manoeuvre her way around Netflix. But mostly I’m thankful that because of them I get to have a Mother’s Day. 

I’ve had a homemade card, I’ve got a scented candle in a smashed glass jar
*loud whisper*
“Daddy, I’ll give Mummy this card”
“Don’t forget to give her this too. Go careful, it’s glass”
I was given croissants to share for breakfast and both children are seemingly aware of my sensitive disposition today and are (so far) being little angels.  Continue reading “Mother’s Day”

I’m sorry Satchmo but you’re wrong……

One of the biggest lies I told myself was that I have all the time in the world . I wanted a career and to live in exciting places and I had all the time in the world to achieve it. Continue reading “I’m sorry Satchmo but you’re wrong……”