A day in the life of a Stay At Home Preschooler #parenting #children #kids #mumlife #momlife #humour

A day in the life of a Stay At Home Preschooler.

My name is Seth and I’m a Stay at Home Preschooler.

I’m not meant to be a SAHP-S, I’m meant to be a PTNP (Part Time Nursery Preschooler) but I CBA.
I’m often asked how I fill my time as a SAHP-S so I thought I’d give you an insight into my average day. Continue reading “A day in the life of a Stay At Home Preschooler.”

If you can’t be kind, be offline.

As a blogger I spend a lot of time in the internet, most specifically social media.
A lot of time is spent moving in the same virtual circles as other bloggers. Continue reading “If you can’t be kind, be offline.”

Weekly Winedown #28 Beefsteak Club Malbec

Welcome to the Weekly Winedown. Each week I selflessly drink wine for you and offer a review.
Please don’t expect anything professional, I consume a lot of wine but I’m no pro.

The only real ‘rule’ I’m putting in place is that the wine is to be under £8 a bottle. #keepitclassy. Continue reading “Weekly Winedown #28 Beefsteak Club Malbec”