My little big boy.

Saturday was a bit of a bittersweet day.

It was the open day at Aoife’s old preschool, the preschool we’re hoping to send Seth to in September.
On the one hand it was lovely. Aoife saw her old teachers, they remarked how grown up she was now and reminisced about her time at there with fondness, Aoife basked in the limelight.
On the other hand Seth, my last baby, is going to be going to preschool. It’s almost the beginning of a new chapter.

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“How he dresses, I care zero, so long as he don’t steal my drink”

This time last year, Aoife was starting her taster sessions for Reception Class, it was a big bloody deal. She barely seemed old enough, I wasn’t ready for her to leave nursery and I CERTAINLY wasn’t ready for her to start big school!

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“All children, except one, grow up”

Today Aoife is five years, six months and three days old.
Today, while she quickly wrote a story before school because we’d forgotten to do her homework (when does that start becoming her fault not ours?), we found her first wobbly tooth. Continue reading ““All children, except one, grow up””