For my babies, a letter…

To my children.

I may get uptight, I may seem sharp.
I sometimes get cross.
I often mutter “forfucksake” a lot under my breath.
I get annoyed when you shout me at 3am because you need a wee and want company or even worse when you shout me then you’re asleep by the time I’ve dragged my tired arse to your room. Continue reading “For my babies, a letter…”

Sowing the seeds…

The other day we took the children to Waitrose cafe for a treat (how terribly posh!?).
As we sat, dragging the standards down, a dad and his son who looked about 11 sat at the table next to us ( I assume it was a Dad and son, it was definitely a preteen boy and his responsible adult). Continue reading “Sowing the seeds…”

Happy 18th birthday Google (other search engines are available)

One of the best inventions for any parent/new parent is the smart phone.
Not because it keeps you in touch with other adults via phone calls and social media. Not because we can enforce photos of our little angels 24hrs a day on people whether they like it or not.
Oh no no no, because it means that Google is right there, in your hand, night or day with all the answers you desire and some you really don’t. Continue reading “Happy 18th birthday Google (other search engines are available)”

Hi 1993? It’s me, you!

A friend posted this on my Facebook timeline….

“.on reflection…having lived a fun and interesting ‘couple of years’* since your teens, what 10 things would you tell/teach your 15 year old self if you could? Continue reading “Hi 1993? It’s me, you!”

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. With pleasure.

The summer break is over. After a glorious week on the Cote D’Azur  Rory is back at work, Aoife has just started Year 1 and it’s back to reality (booooo).

There’s no other job, yes I referred to parenting as a job – If a job doesn’t get done, things go tits up and things fall apart. If parenting doesn’t get done things go tits up and things fall apart, though to be fair things generally go tits up when I’m on shift anyway. Continue reading “It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. With pleasure.”