Barbecue Party Drumond Park Review & Giveaway

It’s cold and grey outside and I am the worst kind of mum.
I am the kind who huddles inside. Continue reading “Barbecue Party Drumond Park Review & Giveaway”

Solid vs Engineered Flooring

This is a collaboration. 
In the flooring world, and in particular the hardwood world, one of the biggest questions asked is what is better, solid or engineered wood? Continue reading “Solid vs Engineered Flooring”

Oh dough! Ready Steady Dough review

I have written previously about how I used to have a tidy house.
It wasn’t an instagrammable house but it was neat. Continue reading “Oh dough! Ready Steady Dough review”

Spectacular Speculaas recipe with a cup of Christmas Tisane.

I really love Christmas, have I mentioned that?
Part of what I love is the side of me that becomes possessed by Martha Stewart. The bit that becomes obsessed with the unattainable ideals of Christmas that are presented to us via Christmas 24.
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La Casita Granary Wharf, Leeds.

Last week I headed into town with a friend, Rachel, (I have friends).
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