Special People

Aoife arrived home from school with a letter. To celebrate Valentine’s Day the children are to write about their special person, who it is and what makes them special. The special person will then win a meal for two at a lovely local eating house.


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Things I miss from the BC years

There are the obvious things I miss from the BC (before children) years but I can live without



Not sharing my food

Peeing without an audience/running commentary

Being on time.

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Fish Pie

Aoife declared that fish pie was her absolute favourite (“remember Mummy, I used to eat it all the time when I was a baby” she ate anything when she was a baby) and every day after school she asked for it. I do cook a lot but usually only things I like. I hate fish pie. Hate it. So, on one of those days when I felt I could probably try harder at being a good mum, I caved and duly purchased the bits to make the desired pie. She’ll be over the moon, I’ll get Mummy points it’s a win win situation.

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In my 20s I firmly believed I was going to live the party years forever, I was going to travel the world! Do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, live somewhere exciting and definitely never have children. Ever. I don’t like children and I could never be responsible enough to look after one, especially with a hangover (me not it).Then one chilly evening in December 2009 we decided to take a trip to the German market, we drank copious amounts of wheat beer and had a FANTASTIC idea.


And here I am. Late 30s still living in Leeds and with two children.

The party years are over.

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