“It ain’t no use putting up your umbrella till it rains.”

My name is Anna and I am a worrier.

I never used to worry, in fact in the BC years I was a ‘couldn’t carelesser’, but the minute I found out I was pregnant I started to worry.

Will I be a good incubator?
Will I want to eat coal?
How will I get this baby out? (Yes, I knew how nature intended me to remove it but I wasn’t convinced, I didn’t even read past week 33 in my ‘how to be pregnant book’ as it all started to get a bit icky).

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Half term!

I’m the honest sort so I’m just going to put it out there.
I am rubbish at half term, really rubbish. I spend ages looking forward to having both babies at home at the same time but once the reality is upon us I suck and end up feeling like the biggest Mummy failure ever.

Part of the cause is my lack of driving skills (I’m not rubbish at it, I’ve just never learnt. I’m probably amazing at it) this means that any ‘big’ activity, say a trip to the zoo or a museum, starts with a bus ride. Seth doesn’t like being in his buggy, Seth won’t sit still outside of his buggy so a bus ride is virtually impossible.

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It’s all fun and games….

It has been said on occasion that I can be quite competitive (I don’t see it myself).

Rory is VERY competitive, he’s one of those people who’s really good at everything (except ice skating, he hates it because he can’t do it. I, on the other hand, am amazing at ice skating).

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Little things that were easier in the B.C years.

Before I start, lots of people seem to have been having a little look at my blog. I have no idea whether you’re enjoying it or not but thank you all the same! Please feel free to share if you like it. If you hate it maybe share with the folk you don’t like.

Anyway, back to it.

We all enter this parenthood malarky knowing that life will change and likely become more difficult. I don’t know about you but I wasn’t prepared for how difficult the little things would become, the things we take for granted.

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