“An expert is a damn fool a long way from home”

Yesterday, when perusing the internet, I happened across an article by an expert of babies about why we shouldn’t teach self soothing.

Now, the content of the article isn’t what I’m angry about per se, I’m picking on this article as an example of many that are out there. It was just unfortunate enough to be the one that fell into my path yesterday. Continue reading ““An expert is a damn fool a long way from home””

Let’s hear it for the boy!

I realised I talk a lot more about Aoife than Seth, I guess as she’s older her interactions are funnier (Seth has a lot to live up to!*). So today we’re all about the boy!

This is my wonderful, amazing little man, Seth. It’s nigh on impossible to get a photo of him being still or looking at the camera. Continue reading “Let’s hear it for the boy!”

“Just call on me brother (or sister), when you need a hand”

I find meeting new people really difficult.
As a 5 year old it’s pretty easy
“I like your hair band, let’s be friends”
“I don’t like the colour of your shoes, I don’t like you”.
Simple. It may not make sense but everyone knows where they stand! Continue reading ““Just call on me brother (or sister), when you need a hand””

“Put your troubles down, it’s time to celebrate!”


Firstly I would like to take this moment to apologise, it seems bad planning ensured that we went on holiday the exact same time as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the media obviously had to decide whether to follow the holiday wardrobe of myself or Kate. They chose Kate, more fool them, so now none of you know what I wore daily. I’m sure you’ll survive. Continue reading ““Put your troubles down, it’s time to celebrate!””