I’ll be there for you.

This week I saw a lovely little competition running on a Facebook page.
The rule of the competition was to tag the mums who
“no matter what are ALWAYS there for you, through thick and thin, sleep deprivation, toddler meltdowns and everything in between….this is about the mum friends who would STILL give you that hug even when you’re covered in baby sick!”

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I’m going to Blog On MSI.

First off apologies, this is a post for fellow bloggers, I’m not just answering lots of random questions about me.
Well, I AM but it’s for a purpose.
See, there’s this blogging conference in May that I’m going to and this is the ice breaker so I feel like I actually know folk when I get there. It’s not just me doing it, it’s a ‘thing’.
Obviously, if you’re not a blogger just a nosey bugger like me then there’s nothing wrong with you reading along too.

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My little big boy.

Saturday was a bit of a bittersweet day.

It was the open day at Aoife’s old preschool, the preschool we’re hoping to send Seth to in September.
On the one hand it was lovely. Aoife saw her old teachers, they remarked how grown up she was now and reminisced about her time at there with fondness, Aoife basked in the limelight.
On the other hand Seth, my last baby, is going to be going to preschool. It’s almost the beginning of a new chapter.

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Could you change a life?

And now for something a little different….


Yesterday my friend called, would I be willing to use my blog to highlight a cause and put out an appeal?
“Why of course” I said.
So I introduce you to Karli who will take over for now….


Have you ever met somebody who has changed your life?
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I’m not taking the p**s, it’s an Illumibowl!


In previous posts I have touched upon the nightmare of night times with our 6 year old. She wouldn’t settle at bedtime, she would shout, scream and cry and we would be running up and downstairs for ages. She would finally settle but then during the night again she would wake and start with the shouting and screaming for hours again. This meant we were up all night and pretty exhausted. If it wasn’t for Seth we would have just let her shout it out but it wasn’t an option while he was there to be woken. (I really should do a proper post about this because looking back it was a pretty bloody difficult time, remind me please).  It went on for months but finally in February we cracked it. Some things changed, she got a new room et voila! All was good, well almost. Continue reading “I’m not taking the p**s, it’s an Illumibowl!”