Beta Mum – Adventures in Alpha Land by Isabella Davidson

In my BC life I read, I read a LOT.
Since having children, the simple pleasure of picking up a book and transporting myself to another place has been cast aside, I’ve bought a few books but I’ve never gotten around to reading them.
Or rather, I’ve not made the time for myself to read them.
By day I am busy ‘parenting’ and by bedtime I’m too exhausted to read a book.
It is a past-time I truly loved but neglected.

When Notting Hill Yummy Mummy Isabella Davidson offered me an e-copy of her new book to read and review I said yes. In the nicest possible way I’d force myself to make time to read a book and I’m glad I did.

After her husband lands himself a job in London, Sophie Bennett finds herself taken from a quiet Canadian suburb andĀ dropped right into the middle of Notting Hill where she finds herself in the bitchy, beautiful and incredibly wealthy world of the Alpha mums.

Her three year old daughter, Kaya, is now attending the most exclusive nursery in the city where the other Mums look like they’ve just stepped off of a catwalk, in fact some have! They’re a group of women who want for nothing. With designer goods, holiday homes in exotic places and more nannies than you can shake a stick at, Sophie struggles to fit in with the Alphas.

Kaya isn’t settling at school and Michael is working 80 hours a week.
Feeling increasingly alone and with no one to turn to for a bit of a rant, Sophie decides to start an anonymous blog detailing the trials and tribulations trying to fit in with the Alpha mums.
What could go wrong with that?

It didn’t take long for me to quickly become invested in Sophie and her life.

As a blogger I completely understood the obsession with growing stats and the importance of not drunk posting. I understood the feeling of not saying any physical words but being able to see that your voice is being heard and how that can empower and create a self confidence.
I’ve never had fan mail though.

As a mum who does the school run I can relate to the school mum hierarchy. Rich or poor this hierarchy and group system is true in every playground across the land, nay across the WORLD! Although maybe not as elite, it’s sometimes really tricky and, if your painfully shy, soul destroying trying to elbow your way in whilst looking like you’re totally cool with it all!

Isabella manages to lift her reader into the elite world of the Alpha mums, it honestly felt like a peek into the lives of the fabulous. The one we all (just me?) secretly wish we could be part of, if only for a day.

I came away from ‘Beta Mum…’ feeling like I’d been through it all myself and not quite ready for it to end.
From the marvellous to the mundane, I wanted to read more.

The Beta Mum – Adventures in Alpha Land is available to buy from Tuesday June 20th.


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