Heading Off On The Vacation Of A Lifetime? Prepare Now With These Practical Beauty Tips


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Amazing exploratory adventures are exciting to book and think about, but they can be a nightmare to prepare for.

Even months before the actual event takes place, you might feel anxious about what you’re supposed to wear. How are you expected to look good, travel or experience plenty of activities in a single day, while preparing and packing for both of those?

It can seem overwhelming at first glance. Luckily, there are some simple vacationing beauty tips you can take advantage of to maintain your killer looks when abroad, and still look stunning when it comes time for your Instagram posts to be uploaded. The objective of a holiday isn’t to look beautiful the whole time obviously, but it can help your confidence and give you that energy boost you need to squeeze the most enjoyment out of your holiday.

Without further ado:

Braid Your Hair

If you’re heading on a long holiday, it can be a very good idea to pre-emptively braid your hair. This will not only be easier to maintain, but will help you protect against environmental and weather-based wear and tear during your daily explorations. It’s also a beautiful style that’s very much ‘in’ for the time being. Not only that but wearing your hair in braids will allow you to forget styling it every morning on top of your makeup schedule. This can be great if you’re journeying from place to place, or if you simply want to spend the most time possible on the beach. No one could argue that would be anything other than perfectly reasonable. Sometimes, a great tan is king.

Pack A Traveling Make-Up Bag

Every modern lady has a make-up bag for the essentials, but it’s likely that your standard makeup case might not do well with traveling thousands of miles and being handled more than usual. Consider this an opportunity to pick up a new makeup bag, one that’s more resistant to the wear and tear of an active holiday. Your expensive make-up will thank you.

Stock Up On Party Wear

Stocking up on party wear is never a bad idea. If you’re on holiday, it’s likely that you have a few exciting events planned that should only be attended while wearing the most beautiful of party dresses. How else are you going to slay those attending with nothing but your fashionable style and how you wear those garments alone?

Not only will you feel like the belle of the ball in your new country, but you might end up meeting that special exotic someone that sweeps you off of your feet. Never say never! Just be sure that the dresses are appropriate for the location you are attending and that you have a variety to choose from on the night or impromptu nights you might schedule as a consequence.


Moisturizing is as important a tactic as any to keep on top of your skin health and smoothness, but this goes double during those heatwave-laden foreign locales we love to visit so much. Moisturizing will allow you to keep a radiant look and will help prevent your skin from cracking. It can even help sooth budding sunburn if you’ve been unlucky enough to catch it.

Stock Up On Fashionable Protective Clothing

Even if you’re traveling to the most radiant of sun-blessed locales, there’s always a chance that the weather might take a turn for the worse, however that can be defined. If you’re unprepared, you might suffer these adverse weather conditions more than you need to.

Be sure to pack a fashionable raincoat no matter where you’re traveling, or a simple, fashionable scarf, and you’ll be able to stay looking great no matter the weather, but subtly and lightly. If your holidays are scheduled for the winter, you might like to prepare your winter wardrobe already by researching upcoming trends. Summer is always over before you know it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Simplify

While it might be tempting to wear the best clothes you have ever owned on your holiday; sometimes it’s not too wise. Don’t be afraid to simply and wear practical items during your traveling or down days. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style, as there are many ways to simplify your fashion and look great, as evidenced by Emma Watson. Sometimes, chic is simple.

With these practical beauty tips, you will be able to traverse any distant locale with beauty, reliability and a relatively low-maintenance attitude, freeing you up much more time you can employ crafting amazing memories for yourself and everyone involved.


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