Time to unwind – Candles Just 4 You review.

Once the children are settled and quiet in bed, I can think of nothing I like better than pouring a glass of wine and lighting a candle.

I’m aware it this makes me sound 50 years old but it really is my favourite way to unwind.

I absolutely adore scented candles but I am SO fussy about which ones I will use.

I find a lot of the ‘bigger’ brands just don’t work for me and for the last few years I’ve only bought from Classic Candle Company. Their scents are strong and long lasting – exactly what I look for.

It is very rare that I deviate from what I know but when Candles Just 4 You asked if I’d try one of their candles, I said yes. I looked forward to trying out a new brand.

The 750g candle presentation box

Candles Just 4 You advertise ‘exclusive and exquisite candles’ with an outstanding pedigree.
It’s all terribly cloak and dagger but their supplier also produces candles for many “high profile luxury brands and boutique stores”.
All very intriguing – I have high expectations.




I love the packaging for the 420g candle

The company kindly sent me a sample Lemongrass and Verbena candle.
Their candles are white, predominantly soy based, wax.
I personally prefer a soy based candle, I think it burns with a ‘cleaner’ scent.

Mine was a sample candle so it arrived in a plain packaging but the presentation bags and boxes that the candles would be sent in look really elegant. In a simple black and white.


To smell the candle before lit, the scent wasn’t powerful.
I could get the notes but not as strong as I would like.
I did wonder if the scent would become more muted upon burning as is often the case with many scented candles.


I lit it and I wasn’t too sure initially.
However, after fifteen minutes of  burning I did keep getting wafts of Lemongrass.

The fragrance is fresh and natural, it didn’t smell synthetic and it lingered once the candle was extinguished.
When Rory entered the room he said he could definitely smell “a nice perfume smell” so it was certainly in the air.
An ambience was definitely created.

With an introductory price of £29.95, for a 40 hour burn time it’s certainly pricing itself up with the ‘exclusive’ candles, though the name of the company doesn’t really do the candle justice.
It’s a lot more than I’d usually pay for a candle so I don’t think I’d be purchasing them regularly.
In my opinion they are missing a trick by not offering smaller, daylight size candles.

Candles Just 4 you do offer the opportunity to order small wax samples for £1 so you can ‘try’ all the scents before you commit to one. They will then offer £1 off of your order.
Other scents include Sandalwood & Cedar; Lily of the Valley; Celebration and Citrus Fusion.
As much as I LOVE the Lemongrass & Verbena I really like the  Celebration scent – Champagne, strawberry, jasmine and Vanilla- a perfectly unique aroma in my opinion.
I would definitely be happy with one of those *hint hint Santa Claus*

If you’re the kind of person who’d be happy to spend £30 on a designer candle, then I don’t think you’d be disappointed with these.
The packaging is lovely, the scent is luxurious and the attention to detail is fabulous.
The company even offer candle care information.

Candles Just 4 You also offer a personalisation of their candles which would make a really lovely gift for someone.

Candles Just 4 You are offering you,  my lucky readers, 15% off any purchase from their online store here

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This code is valid until 31/08/17.

You can also visit Candles Just 4 You on Facebook here

and Instagram here

I received the Lemongrass & Verbena candle in return for an honest review of the product. All opinions, as always, are my own. 

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  1. Hello,

    Nice detailed review, I will surely try them out. I have been trying to find a way to truly relax and I think you have something worth trying out.

    Thanks once again.

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