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Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat…

After a week of flapping at the thought of a mere 11 weeks until the festive period I have successfully slid into ‘prep’ mode.
I have started making lists.

Lists of things to make, lists of things to make happen and lists of lists to make.

I may come across as the laid back sort but I do like a bit of a plan and a bit of order.

If I’m organised super early them I’m not spending the whole of December fretting about things I may have forgotten.

One of the first things I order is the letter from Santa for the children.
I once ordered Rory one, he wasn’t impressed.

As with most things Christmas, I am really fussy.
I don’t like tacky and cartoon like letters, I like something a bit more traditional.

Ideally the missive would be written on magical paper from the North Pole and written by Old St Nick himself.
I appreciate that he is rather busy around this time and so will settle for something that at least gives that vibe.

This year I ordered personalised letters from Lapland Mailroom who offer three different letter packages – letter only, letter with activity pack and Baby’s 1st Christmas.

All letters come with a ‘Nice child list’ certificate as standard.
The activity pack includes colouring sheets, a door hanger, a sign for Santa and a colour and cut out decoration.

Perfect Christmas Eve entertainment.

Personalising your child’s letter couldn’t be easier. After choosing which letter format you’d like (ideal for making sure siblings letters aren’t identical) you simply fill in some boxes with the child’s information.
Their age, their best friends name, the gift they’d like etc. and your work is almost done.
You can even specify whether your child uses ‘Santa Claus’ or ‘Father Christmas’.

The ‘PS’ can be used to include any personal achievements or special information you would like included,
“Mummy & Daddy are so pleased that you enjoy your new school” or something of that ilk.

Maybe refrain from announcing a new baby brother or sister in this bit though.

That could ruin Christmas.

Once you’ve personalised your letter and paid, the Elves take over and will send out your child’s letter in early December.

You can tick one thing off of your to do list and maybe celebrate with a small sherry.

The lovely little Elves at Lapland Mailroom have decided to generously allow me to run a competition and five lucky winners will win a free personalised letter from Santa and an activity pack .

They are also offering 20% off orders made before 15th November, just make sure you use the voucher code xmaspromo17

Prices start at £7.95 and includes delivery to anywhere in the world.
Lapland Mailroom Personalised Letter from Santa.

Disclaimer, I have ordered and will receive a personalised letter from Santa in order that I can review the process and later, the product. All opinions, as ever, are my own. 



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