Daily Home Cleaning Schedule for Busy Parents.

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Everyone wants to see their home constantly neat and tidy. Yet, the time is not always available, besides, the kids are really good at creating all kinds of messes.

Therefore, keeping everything in order can sometimes be a real challenge for every parent. It is neither easy nor pleasant to deal with big piles of dirty laundry or organising the living room after a busy day at the office. On the top of that, you need to prepare dinner or help with the homework.

It goes without saying that when people live in a house they have many domestic obligations but the housework doesn’t need to cost them tremendous efforts.

Let’s be honest, if you create a detail list with daily cleaning duties, you will stick to it for not more than 3 days. It will make you accept cleaning as an unpleasant obligation. Plus, if you need to change it due to unforeseen circumstances, things will go out of control.

Looking at domestic chores as quick tasks is what will help you incorporate them easily into your agenda. Don’t plan too much, don’t stress yourself over cleaning, just spend several minutes around the house before you leave for work and when you are back. Here are some cleaning duties that you can easily implement into your schedule and keep your home organised.

The laundry

You are just at home? Relax a little bit and grab the laundry basket. It will take you just several minutes to collect any scattered dirty clothes from the floor, sort them and put in the washing machine. After that bring inside the clean laundry, fold it and put in the wardrobe. If you do this every day, it won’t be necessary to deal with huge piles of laundry at once.

Pick up clutter

It is late in the evening and the kids are already sleeping? Before you also go to bed, collect any clutter from the common areas, the kitchen and hallway. Get rid of all empty packages old post or useless shopping brochures. If there are any glasses in the living room bring them to the kitchen and put all the other used items in their place.

Organise the kitchen quickly

After you and your family have had dinner, wash the dishes and put them in the cabinet. Wipe the kitchen table and the counter tops. If necessary, polish any used appliances. After, sweep the floor and open the window for fresh air.


In case your kids leave for school earlier than you, use this time to tidy up their rooms a bit. Beat the dust out of the sleeping sheets and put any school materials, books or other objects back in their place.


Before you take a shower, inspect the condition of the bathroom and if necessary spend several minutes to wash the sink, rub scale off the shower cabin, etc. In the end, change the towels and wipe the floor.

Wipe dust away

While your kids are playing in the garden, grab a damp clean cloth and carry out an overall dusting, You don’t need to do that on a daily basis. Once or twice per week is enough.

Inspect the floors

Ideally, you should be sanitising the floors every day. When you put the dinner in the oven, bring out the vacuum cleaner and hoover all carpets. Then wash the hard floors as well, paying special attention to the hallway. This will help you when you need move out and require tenancy cleaning.

Instead of creating long lists of daily domestic chores, just incorporate several activities in your free time. In this way, you will be able to maintain your home neat with less effort. The most important thing, however, is that you don’t need to worry constantly about cleaning or sacrifice a day of your weekend for the sake of a clean home.

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