Avoiding flooring damage when you have children

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Kids. They can be difficult. And there’s nothing more difficult than trying to keep a clean and tidy home with them running around. When you own a wood floor, this problem can be even worse given the expense many people sacrifice to buy one. For this reason, whether you are looking to buy a new floor or look after the one you already have, Luxury Flooring and Furnishings are here with some handy hints to help.

Oil/Lacquered Your Floor

On solid wood or engineered flooring, oils and lacquers protect your floor from damage from spillages. This works by stopping liquids from seeping into the wood as well as making spillages easier to mop away. Whereas lacquers lay on the surface and create a protective layer, oils seep into the wood to protect it from the inside, helping you retain a more natural look. These are highly popular finishes on engineered wood flooring, and are highly recommended for those with messy kids! The best part about these finishes is that they can either come with the flooring or be applied at home by yourself if your floor doesn’t already have one. Extra top tip: no matter what finish you use, choose a darker flooring option to hide any more difficult stains.

Sanding and Refinishing

If you once had a finish on your floor and it seems to have worn away, your floor is at risk of conceding damage from scratches, spillages and stains. As above, you could finish the flooring with a lacquer or oil to get this protection  back, but make sure you sand the floor down first. Solid or engineered wood can be sanded down multiple times and only needs to be done every 10-20 years – it also makes a nice little DIY project! Any damage that has already occurred to your flooring can easily be removed through sanding, and with a re-finish afterwards, your floor will be good as knew.

Safety First

Aside from avoiding damage to your floor, you need to think about protecting your kids too. Make sure you choose flooring that isn’t glossy in finish as it can be slippery, and flooring in kitchens or bathrooms needs to be as slip resistant as possible without being uncomfortable. In this case, rustic flooring with an oiled finish can be comfortable on your child’s delicate feet whilst still being slip resistant for example.Avoid Flooring damage when you have kids #kids #toptips # woodenfloor #woodfloorcaretip #woodfloorcare

Whichever method you decide on to make your flooring better protected, there are enough options to suit everybody’s tastes as well as give you peace of mind over the years that your children will be safe.

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