5 Exciting party ideas for your little devil.

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When God has gifted you a cute, little devil, then why don’t you surprise him with a fun birthday party?

Well, you know that he will be expecting something from you, but if you are clever enough to throw the party a few days prior to the actual date, then he is in for a surprise!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself because we have a list of party ideas for you:


  1. Trip to Disneyland

What’s better than taking a trip to Disneyland? It is a dream destination for every kid, and you have the chance to be the best parents in the world. He will never stop thanking you (at least for a month or so), and yes, all his friends will be pretty jealous of him. Trust us; he will be boasting about his trip and you two for many months after it. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

2. Bouncy castles and lemonade

Be it a birthday or a get together; your little devil and his friends will simply love to bounce all day. You can surprise him by installing a themed bouncy castle along with lemonade and snacks stand in your backyard. So, right before he wakes up, you can pick him up and throw him in the castle, where all his friends are already waiting for him. He might be startled at first, but the expression change will be worth a picture.

3. Superheroes everywhere

What’s better than a themed birthday party? A superhero themed party! Costumes, props, photo booths, snacks, beverages and what not! All these can be rented as per the theme. Marvel or DC? Which superhero does your devil likes? Maybe a villain like Killmonger? Go all in with your creativity and efforts to throw a party that all the kids from his class will remember for many years to come (kids, being kids will forget it soon, but it’s worth the efforts). Call in some entertainers as well. You can also arrange a superhero fight sequence to entertain the guests. Don’t make the mistake of making a surprise for him because favourites change every day, and so, the costume that you might have picked for him or yourself might upset him gravely. Involve him in the preps to make sure everything is all he ever wanted.

4. Treasure hunt

Some kids are fond of bouncy castles while some love to solve mysteries! Which one does your devil prefer? If he is more interested in the latter then why not plan a treasure hunt for him and his friends? Listen up: This means you need to prepare way in advance to make the fun real for them. The clues can take them all around the house and even make them call up their friend’s parents to know more about the treasure. You can design a map for the whole place, place small gifts at many checkpoints to keep the game interesting. The end could be a bicycle hidden in the garage or maybe a trip to the nearby amusement park. Sounds interesting, ain’t it?

5. Nom, Nom, Click!

Take a hint from your work away day ideas because many outdoor team building activities can be modified to turn them into fun weekend party games for your kids. What do boys like more than sports? Food it is! You can arrange a food eating competition among the kids where they have to finish a bunch of chocolates, pies, cakes and drinks to win the game. The quickest one wins the game. It will be messy, fun and picturesque. So, be ready with your cameras and click, click!


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