6 Things to do with your babes before you turn 31

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Crossing the milestone of turning 30 is pretty devastating in itself, but realising that you have missed out on too many experiences is worse.

If you still have time to reach that milestone then why not make the most of it?

Call in your gals, and plan something from the list given below to check off your bucket list before you turn 31:


  1. Skydiving

Skydiving is also known as parachuting. It is an extreme sport where you jump out of an airplane from a few thousand feet above the ground. Sounds thrilling, right? Taking a tandem skydive requires balls of steel; get it? Don’t worry; an experienced instructor will jump with you to make sure you land safely on the ground. Imaging your babes’ reactions already? Then, book a location and get ready to shoot your adrenaline levels higher than possible.

2. Road trip

A dark pink convertible with red stripes will be perfect for a road trip, right? Why not rent it the coming week to travel and enjoy with your gals? If you haven’t been to a road trip then you have missed out more than you realise because it will be one-hell-of-an-experience. Invite them at your place immediately, take out a map and mark the areas you always wanted to visit. Plan a date and just leave until you have visited every place you have marked. Expert tip: find out the best attractions and hotels in that area beforehand to avoid wasting time on them later on, and don’t forget to click a series of memories.

3. Gambling

If you haven’t gambled yet, then this is the perfect option for you. Do you have enough saved up for your wedding? Why not take out a small chunk from it and visit a nearby casino this weekend. Although gambling is not a healthy habit, but who says you cannot even try it once or maybe twice? Convince your friends for the same plan and get on with it because it’s fun to drink and gamble only when your friends are there to be part of the experience. It will also help y’all keep a check on each other and avoid unwanted situations. Plan now! Gamble wisely!

4. Car race

Are you and your friends car aficionados? Why not get on the track and know who is the best among all? Well, you can rent the best possible car but winning the race is all about being able to handle the car at sharp turns. So, if your group is ready for this, then you all can rent the same sports cars to make sure no one has an unfair advantage, and race till the siren blows off. Drive fast but safe! Ready! Set! Go!

5. Strip club

Are your hen do destinations finalised? Does your hen party ideas include going to a strip club? Why wait when you can do it right now? Yes, waiting for a hen do is useless because going to a strip club ain’t that big a deal. You can plan with your babes to either throw an early hen do or visit a strip club anyway to have a new, breathtaking experience. Search the best ones in town to make sure your first experience is as tempting as it sounds.

6. Skinny dipping

You might be nervous even while reading this, but don’t be shy, my girl! Skinny dipping is more fun that you can ever imagine. It boosts up your adrenaline, makes your body shiver and yes, you girls will see each other buck-naked. Find a nearby water body which is perfect for such an experience and without thinking twice, go on with the plan. Expert tip- no photographic memory is required because it will be an unforgettable experience anyway.


You won’t be upset when you turn 31 if you have lived your life like this! So, make a list and try to accomplish everything you wish to do before crossing this milestone.

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