Great gifts for a hard-working Dad

There’s no doubt about it, Dad’s work hard. There are hard-working Mums and being a stay at home Mum is certainly no walk in the park, but anyone would be hard-pressed to refer going out to work for a minimum of 8 hours a day, not including commute time, the “easier job”. Particularly when life still goes on at home, not many Dads get to come home and veg out on the sofa for a few hours. Especially if Mum has been wrangling small children all day because she wants a break too.

Too often though, Dad get’s the stick when it comes to gifts, from ties to socks or the elusive washroom set (there always seems to be more of these around at Christmas than any other “male gift”). Instead, let’s explore some gift ideas from sweet to style that are likely to bring a smile to Dad’s face.

Beer & A Day Off

While it may sound like a bit of a cop-out, who doesn’t want to have a day off to themselves, to do whatever they choose – even if it means kicking back on the sofa, watching your favourite movies and drinking a few bottles of their favourite drink. This can be presented in a lovely way too, a “day-off” voucher inside a homemade card from the kids, tucked into the handle of his favourite craft beer box.

Sweet Treats

No doubt that biscuits, sweets, chocolates and all the nice things don’t last long in a family house, so Dad could definitely do with a box of his own to stash away and nibble on when the sweet tooth starts calling. If Mum doesn’t know his favourites, send the kids in as spies to find out and then start putting together a secret box when the opportunity arises.

An Experience Day

There are plenty of these available from racing days to comedy passes to beer tasting events, there are even a few Dad can take part in with the kids like a Dads and Lads Tank Experience! If an experience day makes Mum’s ears perk up too, then there are a huge number of couple-friendly activities to take part in from Sushi workshops to weekend hotel stays.

Sharp Dressed Gifts

Is Dad one to spend the best part of the morning looking smart for the day ahead? A menswear gift that helps him complete his look could be the perfect thing to make his day, that doesn’t mean a patterned tie or a pair of socks. Consider a pair of luxury cufflinks to go with his suit, not only will they help him look dapper, but he’ll have a nice gifted heirloom to pass down that will last the test of time.

Connected Technology

Not just a present for Dad, connected technology can be great fun for all the family, voice-activated speakers will read you the current weather, news of the day, play music from your library and answer all those “why” questions your kids like to ask. Smart-speakers are Bluetooth friendly, so can be placed anywhere around the house from the back bedroom, front and centre in the kitchen to outside in the garden.

BBQ Master

With the hot summer weather, we know Dad likes to bust out the BBQ utensils and fire up the grill, so why not treat him to a new utensil set or a master grill rub set with all the meat spices and rubs he could ever dream of! If spice is his thing, there are plenty of hot sauce caddy’s available with everything from the hottest of the hot to milder, more mouth-friendly sauces.


Whether it’s his birthday, celebrating an achievement or a late Father’s Day gift, make Dad feel valued with a gift from the heart, that will warm him and put a smile on his face. Doesn’t Dad deserve it?


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