The great smart casual debate!

Picture the scene – an invitation arrives on your doormat. It’s for a party (we don’t get invited to parties much these days, do we?) the dress code is “smart casual”

Smart casual?

What does that even mean?

It clearly means different things to different people having been to some of the parties I’ve been to.

Some people turn up in scruffy jeans and a t-shirt while others go to town in a full suit or a very nice frock!

Trainers are a no no!

To me smart casual means that, while jeans are acceptable, they need to be clean and tidy – not ripped. For men they should be paired with a nice shirt (not a t-shirt!) and smart shoes or boots – NOT trainers, I don’t care how much they cost! Ideally, smart casual for men would be a pair of mens casual trousers from Chums  paired with a nice shirt and shoes.

If women wear jeans, they too should not be ripped.
She should wear a “going out top” (all women know what a “going out top” is!) and nice sandals or smart shoes / boots.

In our house our go-to smart casual wardrobe is a pair of smart designer jeans, or smart trousers (linen are acceptable in the summer) a shirt and shoes for him.

For her a long tunic/dress over a pair of tights or leggings and sandals or boots.

Outfits can be completed with accessories. If your top is plain then adding a printed or glitter scarf can finish it off nicely.

Some nice accessories can complete an outfit

Topped off with some nice jewellery and your outfit is almost complete. I say almost because most women I know, spend more time getting ready to go out than they actually spend out.
Sometimes my favourite part of going out is the getting ready, sad but true!
I like to have a long shower or bath followed by spending a long time on hair and make-up.
It’s amazing how getting ready to go out can work wonders for your self-esteem.

So, now you know what smart casual means to me – what does it mean to you?

This is a collaboration. 

Thanks for reading, I'd love to know what you think.

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