6 things you can do to treat yourself, right now

Hey you! Yes, you.
When was the last time you treated yourself?

As parents, friends and partners we’re used to putting other people first, but as the old saying goes: if you don’t love yourself – who else will? You might have next years holiday booked, but who says you have to wait a year until then to treat yourself?

Doing things that make you feel good and make you happy is good for your self-esteem and your mental health. You might spend days debating whether or not to treat yourself to your favourite organic make-up or that new book you’ve been hearing about, but why debate with yourself? After all, there’s nothing wrong or selfish with putting yourself first for a change.

Looking for a little inspiration?
Well, read on for 6 things you can do to treat yourself, right now.
Go on, you deserve it.

Avoid the toxicity in your life

Whether it’s a co-worker, a family member or even a “friend”, life is too short to allow people to make you feel bad. If you suspect that someone in your life is simply pulling you down, piling their negativity on you or discouraging you at every turn, then now is the time to put a stop to it. Tell them how you feel, spend less time around the person, avoid contact or simply rise above it. Allowing yourself to tackle these issues will give you a sense of self-love and power.

Fresh Linen

Is there anything better than getting into a freshly made bed with gorgeously fresh sheets? Treat yourself to a fresh bed spread and even a new set of pillows and duvet. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
Read about the good in the world

Find the Good

Social media and everything we hear on the news can be draining. So, why not find out about the good in the world? Read an uplifting blog article or discover an inspiring tale on the internet. The good news is out there, you just have to go and find it.

The gift of learning

Treating yourself to the gift of learning is something you’ll benefit from for years. Whether it’s picking up a couple of new phrases in a new language, learning a craft like crochet or learning how to change a tyre – stimulating your brain by learning something new will feel great.

Try being a tourist

When was the last time you visited the local museum? Or a local tourist attraction? Head out and rediscover what your town has to offer and leave your everyday worries behind.

Learn to say “no”

The next time you’re approached to do something non-essential, consider your mental health and just say no. Drinks at the local bar with work colleagues, being pressured into signing up to a new fitness class, being the “taxi” driver after a night out. Learning to say no to things that you don’t want to do takes a lot of practice.


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