The Christmas Experience at Lotherton Hall

We have been lucky enough to have a few festive days recently, the first of which was the preview night of The Christmas Experience at Lotherton Hall.

Despite having lived in Leeds for an eternity, Lotherton Hall is somewhere we first visited only month ago. We really enjoyed it and kicked ourselves for not venturing that way before so when I got an email asking if I’d like to go to the preview, I was pretty darned chuffed.

The Christmas Experience at Lotherton Hall is spread out over the whole estate and comprises of six main parts:

The Twelve Days of Christmas Woodland Walk

We followed the fairy lights down a track through the trees, where each of the twelve days of Christmas was represented in an interactive station.  I am sure the walk is lovely in the light but we visited in the dark and it really did feel magical under all the twinkling lights (though it played merry hell with the photos I wanted to take). The darkness seemed to add to the children’s excitement and they were positively giddy running through the trees trying to find the next activity.  They, and Rory, spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get all nine ladies dancing at the same time but it just wasn’t possible! Watching them all running around in the dark, spinning wooden ladies was VERY entertaining though!

Fairy Dell

From the Twelves Days of Christmas Woodland Walk we entered the Fairy Dell. Entry to this is by stone steps so in the dark, be careful. We walked quietly through the tiny, lit up fairy village and heard all the fairy chatter and laughter. It really was beautiful but and the kids loved looking at all the little houses and shops. I must confess, at one point I found myself standing alone in the dark, surrounded by high pitch fairy chatter and it was a little creepy…

Christmas Experience Lotherton Hall Fairy Dell

The House

From the Fairy Dell you can head to the house where downstairs is decked out like an Edwardian Christmas with a beautiful tree in every room – #Lifegoals. It really is beautiful taking a look around and there’s even a chance to dress up in Edwardian attire and have a picture taken in the Edwardian Selfie (Elfie?) studio.

Christmas Courtyard

Here you will find the Cafe, a take away kiosk and the gift shop. The perfect opportunity to grab something to drink or pick up some festive gifts. We bought the kids here for something to eat as the food truck in the Elf Village had closed. I’m going to be honest, the prices were a little steep to say there was a captive audience – almost £6 for a kids sandwich box…I’d recommend trying the food in the Elf Village or maybe taking your own.

Christmas Experience Lotherton Hall - Let it snow

The North Pole

Right next to the Christmas Courtyard, you’ll find the entrance to the North Pole. We ALL know who lives in there! After a lengthy chat with a lovely elf, we were told Father Christmas was ready, a large group of us were then led into the North Pole where we could make reindeer food (glitter free) in the elves workshop then follow the path round to see Santa. As it was a preview night, Father Christmas was sat outside his grotto and the kids did get a chance to speak to him, which they loved, but I have no REAL idea how the ‘normal’ Father Christmas visit would work.

The Elf Village

After seeing the big man, we went to the Elf Village where we found a lot of lovely little cabins surrounding a cozy seating area. Some of the cabins were stalls selling lovely little gifts, others were activities for the children to do. Each activity costs one token each (one token costs £3 or get 4 for £10). The kids decided to decorate plates to leave mince pies for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. They all put a lot of effort into their plates and were a little disappointed when they realised they couldn’t use the plates as the ink comes off. In the middle of the cabins is a large seating area under a twinkling canopy where you can enjoy a hot chocolate wrapped in a blanket.


What did we think of The Christmas Experience at Lotherton Hall?

We all really enjoyed our time at the Christmas Experience, the kids especially. I would definitely recommend heading over once it starts to get dark, we all know fairy lights make everything magical. The majority of the Experience is on established paths/track so access for buggies and wheelchairs should be fine. It is largely outside though so be sure to dress appropriately as it could get cold and muddy.

General admission to the estate is £7.50 for adults and £3.75 for children (5-17 years).
Tickets to see Santa are priced at £10.95 for under 4s and £14.95 for children 5-17 – this price includes admission to the whole site (and works out at £11.20 to see Santa…)

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not sure we experienced the Santa visit in the way you ‘normally’ would so I don’t know if it’s value for money.
One thing I CAN say is that for the £7.50/£3.75 entry fee, the Twelve Days Walk, Fairy Dell, House and Elf Village is WELL worth the money and we will definitely go again to do that part of it. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you get there before 3.15pm you will be able to visit the Wildlife World within that admission price.

Booking is strongly advised and you can make yours at

The Christmas Experience is running until December 23rd and opens at 10am.

We were invited to The Christmas Experience at Lotherton Hall for purpose of review. As ever, all opinions are my own, and the kids. 


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