• Parenting

    How Can You Prepare Your Toddler for School?

    This is a collaboration Watching our children progress can be a little bittersweet- it’s always going to be emotional seeing that your little one is no longer the tiny baby you brought home from the hospital. But as parents, it’s…

  • Loneliness

    All By Myself – loneliness

    This is post is written as a collaboration.  One of my biggest fears, aside from slugs, is being lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE an hour to myself here and there, I just don’t like feeling lonely.

  • Acceptable in the 80s

    Acceptable in the 80s…and now!

    This is a collaboration – but who isn’t a fan of the 80s?  Ah, the 80s. Leg warmers, big hair, bright colours, sequins, fringes – the list goes on, and makes me terribly nostalgic.

  • visiting lost countries Grand Canyon
    Day Trips & Travel

    Visiting Lost Countries

    I’ve always been interested in the evolution of the world – not just the people, but the countries. Taking it WAY back, my mind is still blown that once upon a time all the land masses were jigsawed together –…