Money Saving Tips for Your New Baby

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There seem to be millions of things you feel you need to buy ready for your baby, but are they really essential and could you possibly get them cheaper elsewhere?

With a few small steps, you could make some big savings.

Have a budget and make a plan

A great way to stop overspending and buying things you don’t need is to create a plan. Monitor your spending habits and see if you are able to cut down on items which you don’t particularly need, that may be a meal or a cinema trip every week, cut it down to once a month and you’re sure to make some beneficial savings.

Know what you need to buy

Don’t go shopping for baby things without a list -you will leave with a trolley full of items that you really didn’t need. Here are some essentials that you’re most definitely going to need to stock up on:

  • Clothes: all in one suits, vests, cardigans, coat or an all in one suit and a hat.
  • Nappies, Nappy sacks, wet wipes and cream.
  • Nursing bras, breast pads, bottles, teats, bottle brushes, steriliser and bibs.
  • A Moses basket or a cot, bedding sheets, a mattress and bedroom furniture.
  • A baby bath or newborn bath support, towels, baby cleanser and wash.
  • A pushchair with a rain cover and a sunshade.
  • A rear-facing car seat and sun blinds.
  • A changing bag with a changing mat.

Though a few of the essentials need to be bought new especially the rear-facing car seat, which must always be bought from a reputable retailer to ensure it is safe and in working condition. There is more than one kiddy car seat available at Beautiful Bambino, so don’t forget to check them out!

Other items such as clothing can be bought second hand. Ask friends and family if they have anything which their children have grown out of and could be passed down onto you, also try having a look on local sites such as Gumtree for bundles of clothing and furniture being sold.

Childcare costs can also be reduced by making sure you’re claiming what you’re entitled to such as child benefit, but also have a look at childcare vouchers and any other initiatives run by your employer or the government given by your employer. Ask friends and relatives if they are able to help out even if it’s just once a week with childcare, this will amount to a big saving over time.

Don’t Go Mad On the Nursery

It’s very tempting to spend a fortune on decorating a babies bedroom or nursery, with all sorts of furniture and decor. Do you really need that expensive changing table, or can you use a changing mat on the floor? Do you really need that elephant print wallpaper, or will plain walls that grow with your child be enough? As long as they have somewhere to sleep, somewhere to store their clothes and essentials.

Hopefully, all these tips will help you save a few pounds when it comes to your new baby!


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