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Make Your Blog Better: 5 Ways

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Imagine your blog, only better! Well that’s is precisely what you will end up with if you follow the advice in my post below. In fact, even if you just take inspiration from one section, you can significantly improve your blog. Just keep reading to find out how.


Get the basics right

First off, just like anything that you want to do well you need to get the basic of blogging right. Of course, at the most essential level, that means using a reliable host, something you can read more about at After all your blog won’t be very effective if no one can access it because it’s down all of the time. Additionally, it’s crucial to pick a theme or get a customised site designed that best represents your blog’s brand.

Of course, it’s also crucial that you understand the things that your blog is trying to do whether that is spread awareness of a particular message, bring in revenue, or advertise some of your own products. The reason being that when you know where you are going, it will be much easier to create the blog you need to succeed.

Make the visuals cohesive

Next, to make your blog better you really need to nail the visuals that you use. What this means is not only the theme that you chose but things like your logos, banner and even the individual pictures and videos that you display matter as well.

Luckily, you can get a much more cohesive look by ensuring that all of the images on your blog follow a similar theme. This being something that may be defined by colour, tone, or even the subject of the pictures. For a great example of this just check out a current lifestyle blog like the one at, where you will see a plethora of images that all share commonality.

Find more ways to monetise

Of course, for many people improving their blog means transitioning it from hobby to something that brings in revenue. To achieve this many accept paid posts paid reviews and even brand sponsorship of the entire blog.

However, there are some other ways that you can monetise your blog as well. One is to create a downloadable product and then sell this to your readers for a fee. Of course, for this to be successful, your customer will need to feel as if they are buying more than a simple word document that you have knocked out in a few minutes flat.

Luckily, you can give this and any other document relating to your blog a face lift by using a document management service like the one available at online. A service that will allow you to format the information you are presenting a professional manner, as well as add your blog’s branding and logo.

Improve your writing

Writing is a big part of blogging, and that means improving it can have a significant effect. Happily, there are several things that you can do to make your writing better including simply editing it before you go live. After all, typos don’t exactly make your work look the best, now do they?

Additionally, establish a solid voice in which to write can really make your posts more relatable to your target guidance. Oh, and breaking up your text into smaller bite-size chunks can help maintain reader interest even in our post-Twitter world.

Encourage interaction

Finally, another hugely effective way of improving blog is to up the incidents of reader interaction. In fact, offering the opportunity for people to comment, like and dislike, is crucial because a vital part of the appeal of modern media, in that it breaks down the barrier between those that produce it and those that consume it.

Happily, there are plenty of ways that you can encourage more engagement and interaction in your blog including running surveys and polls, and also even taken reader submissions or ideas for posts.

Additionally, embedding social media buttons in prominent places through your blog can help readers share and comment on the content you are creating. Something that can not only help with interaction and engagement but also help spread your message to a broader audience as well.

Social Media icons


In summary, if you want to make your blog better, you need to get a solid grasp of the basics, ensure that your visuals are right, and polish your writing skills until they shine. Additionally, finding more way to monetise your blog and get your readership engaged are valuable methods of improvement as well.

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