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Ways To Make Money While Travelling

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We’d all like to travel more than we do, but some of us may already have commitments that tie us down from packing it all in and spending a year in another country. But what if you could make money while on your travels? Here are a few ways of making money while also seeing the world!

Start A Blog

The industry that is blogging has become a powerhouse over the last few years with its ability to be a popular source for information. Many people read these blogs to get advice or to seek some light entertainment through articles. It can feature any type of topics, perhaps to do with travel itself, business advice or where to buy property in rumah murah di jakarta and beyond. Whatever you have a passion to write about things you love or knowledge of a certain topic is handy. Once you’ve established your blog, you may then get approached by brands and companies wishing to use your website as an advertising opportunity, and from this, you can get paid quite a reasonable sum of money.

Take On Some Seasonal Work

Seasonal work will often be available for those passing through places where fruit or vegetable picking is needed or perhaps casual bar staff for busy periods of the year. This work is normally pretty common for those who travel and want to earn more to be able to continue travelling for the foreseeable future. Make sure you’re approaching places that have been recommended to you and be prepared for some hard grafting. It’s all worth it though for that extra income which will make your trip a lot less stressful, knowing you have some cash to lean back on.

Rent Out Your Property At Home

If you’ve got a property at home that’s sitting dormant while you’re away. You might as well make good use of it by renting out to people who need a place to stay. There are platforms like Airbnb available now that are great for providing a rental service that rivals a lot of hotel chains and hostels. You set the price and the requirements needed. You may also want to think about getting a regular cleaner who can come in and clear up after every group or person that stays. A lot of these Airbnb’s offer a stay for as long as a month at a time, so this can be a great little money earner to help cover any house repayments, and you can probably get away with charging more.

Do Freelance Writing Or Tutoring Online

If you’ve got access to a laptop, then anyone can do some freelance writing on the side, or even tutoring online if you have the relevant qualifications required to do it. It’s amazing that technology gives us these opportunities that are flexible enough to do around your travel adventures. Freelance writing is certainly not in short supply, and a lot of online publications, newspapers and magazines openly request pitches from freelance writers and journalists. There’s also a plethora of platforms available who’ll be looking for those educated and skilled in certain subjects for students.

Street Performing

It’s an art form that’s been around for hundreds and hundreds of years across the globe. And that is, street performing. Fortunately, there aren’t many limitations to you being able to busk on the street to earn a bit of cash. Whether it’s singing, playing an instrument or showing magic tricks, there’s plenty of opportunities to show off to a crowd on a street that’s busy with tourists and locals. Be wary though and always check the local laws surrounding street performing. Some may be harsher than others, and some places may require you to have a license or permit to perform.


There are plenty of options out there to make money while travelling, and it can be a great ease of your mind to have some extra income coming in to keep your savings topped up. Always be sure to research the local areas you are staying in for a certain period of time where you could pick up a casual job. Blogging, freelance writing and tutoring are all great options for running a side hustle that you can work around your day to day activities. Take on seasonal work when it comes around and take advantage of renting out your property back at home. And if you have a talent, then why not show it off by doing the odd street performance? Remember though to research local regulations and laws though before you do it.


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