How to Look Stylish on Your Next City Break

Maintaining a good style isn’t just about picking out the most expensive clothes from your wardrobe each day and throwing them on. A proper style involves many subtle details that can be difficult to put your finger on unless you analyse the combination in depth. And that’s the whole beauty of it – you will look better than the next person, but there won’t be any obvious differences that anyone can put their finger on. It can be difficult to get the right combination at first, but when you’ve done it once, it gets easier.

Accessories Make or Break the Deal

Not many people realise this, but accessories can be much more important than your main choice of clothes themselves. They’re the subtle details that accent certain parts of your overall setup and they are also the points where you can get flashier without looking tacky. Just take a look at the recent lines of Saint Laurent bags at SSENSE and you’ll get the point. Of course, flashy isn’t your only option here either. You can achieve a lot with some subtler combinations of flat colours and shapes – but more on that below.

Custom Styles Are in

It’s easier than ever to customise your style and match it to your personality as closely as possible. And this is something you should definitely take advantage of. There are many options for ordering customised clothes and accessories, and the price of most of them can be well worth it. This is one of the best ways to take your style to the next level if you really want to splurge. Keep in mind that some of the things you create or customise might be very seasonal in nature, so make sure that you’re not restricting large parts of your wardrobe to a specific part of the year.

A Play on Colours and Shapes

We already touched on this above. It’s a very popular idea in recent times, and it will likely keep growing in popularity in the coming years as well, judging by the current trends. There is a lot that can be done with just some simple combinations of colours and shapes, especially if you use larger, flat-coloured shapes. Many modern designers have started to adopt these trends in their own work, and it’s interesting to see the transformation in the fashion scene as a whole. And if you want to stay in line with the current trends, this is definitely an area worth looking into.

Keep your wardrobe in check too! There’s nothing bad about shopping off-season if you spot something that can match your style nicely. You don’t need to be concerned with your budget to take advantage of this either. It’s something that can benefit pretty much any avid clothes shopper, especially those who want to keep their wardrobe varied all the time. It doesn’t take that much effort to get there, but you should definitely set aside some time to explore the market properly.

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