8 Christmas Gift Ideas

8 Christmas Gift Ideas.

Although this post contains products that were sent with the purpose of inclusion and affiliate links, I genuinely think these are some fabulous Christmas gift ideas. 

I love Christmas but I hate buying gifts for people just for the sake of it. Rather than buy a gift because ‘that’s just how we do it’ I’d much rather buy something I think will be really enjoyed and appreciated by the recipient.  Here are a few items that I think will be enjoyed this year.

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve, the excitement in the air as we, like families have for YEARS before us, leave out a mince pie and glass of Tomatin Whisky for Santa before putting our stockings on the bed. We also partake in the relatively tradition of the Christmas Eve box. Now, I see how some people could find the idea of a Christmas Eve box as an added pressure but I started using on a few years ago with the intention of it helping me out! I usually put a new pair of pyjamas each for them, a hot chocolate sachet, some marshmallow and a DVD for them to watch while I have a glass of wine and we share some Guylian . The Christmas Eve box is a gift for them AND offers me the gift of time so I can get on with all the things I need to do in preparation for Christmas Day. This beautiful, wooden personalised Christmas Eve box is available in red, green or blue and can be personalised up to 12 characters.

Gift Guide Christmas Eve box

1 – Jubel

After partaking in the tradition of a Demi-Peche or two while skiing in the French Alps, Jubel co-founders Jesse and Tom decided to bring a little bit of apres-ski to the UK (and we all know that apres-ski is the best part of skiing).  The line of fruit-infused lager that is light, crisp, vegan and gluten free comes in three refreshing flavours.
Alpine is the original, a pilsner-esque lager with a hint of peach. I wasn’t sure how this would work, it turns out it works wonderfully – fruity but not too sweet. Urban sees lager meet elderflower and form a firm, yet delicate, friendship. Coast is the newest member of the team, a crisp lager infused with a zest of grapefruit – forget lager and lime, THIS is the new lager/citrus combo you need in your life.
These Jubel lagers aren’t your standard ‘flavoured lagers’ and would make a great gift for anyone in your family who enjoys beer with a twist. You can buy Jubel by the case for £24.99 direct from their website or from Amazon.

Gift Guide Jubel

2 – Pact Coffee

It feels like people are becoming as much connoisseurs of coffee as they once were of wine. For more and more of us, a mug of Nescafe just isn’t going to cut it. We want good coffee and we want it now! Pact is the purveyor of your needs delivering ethically sourced fresh coffee direct to our doors. This year Pact Coffee have created a limited edition Christmas Blend. A medium-dark roast with a hint of raisins, nutmeg, spiced fruit, citrus peel and a slight kick of brandy – yes it’s coffee with a hint of Christmas Pudding. A festive hug in a mug. This V60 dripper and Christmas Blend gift set would be perfect for the coffee lover in your life.

Gift Guide Pact

3 – Art Prints by Rosarts

What do you get the person who doesn’t need more ‘stuff’? Why, something beautiful to look at of course!
Rosarts  create a variety of, predominantly black and white, wall art prints that any recipient would love. With prices starting from just £10, these prints can make a really beautiful gift this Christmas.

Gift guide Rosarts
The prints available range in subject from animals and nature to quotes and would look amazing on any wall. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the online store or you have a specific idea in mind you can contact Rosarts to discuss your ideas for a bespoke illustration. These do cost a little more but it’s worth it to be able to gift a friend or loved one a piece of wall art that truly reflects them.

4 – Artie 3000 – Coding & Drawing Robot

If your child is both technically minded and creative then Artie 3000 could be the perfect gift for them this Christmas. Bought to us by Learning Resources Toys whose STEM toys are a firm favourite in our house, Artie 3000 is aimed at children aged 7-11 years old. Artie stands at 15 cms tall and once you’ve got him set up and ready to go, he is an exciting way to introduce your child to coding. Using the easy to use drag and drop programming, Artie will draw whatever your child ‘tells’ him to. Artie also comes with pre-programmed designs so your children can still play with him while they are learning how to code and activity cards. Not only will Artie 3000 make coding fun but he will also enhance skills like geometry, maths, creativity and expression.

Gift Guide Artie 3000

5 – Rizmo

If your child loves singing, dancing and cuddles then Rizmo from Tomy is the perfect companion as these are all the things that he needs to grow. Ready to play from the minute he is taken out of his box, this super soft, super cute alien goes through three stages; baby, toddler and adult and your child can determine how fast he grows. The more they sing and dance together the quicker he will grow. Once fully grown, Rizmo will call out, sing and dance with his friend, he can also host a dance party for your child. Cute, cuddly, full of personality and available in three different colours –  Rizmo is going to make a wonderful companion this Christmas. Stockists include Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos, Hamleys, Amazon, Very and John Lewis.

Gift Guide Rizmo

6 – Smiggle

As a once avid collector of erasers, I often wish Smiggle had been invented when I was a child. Luckily, I have passed on my love of all things stationery and all things shiny to my daughter so she now carries the torch. I am constantly complaining about the state of her desk while simultaneously enabling her stationery habit with more scented pens or a light up notebook because – why not? As ever Smiggle have loads of amazing gift ideas for Christmas and it’s not all stationery. Headphones, bags, bath bombs, microphones… the list is endless and you’ll find a gift for virtually anyone.

Gift Guide Smiggle

8 – Dance n’ Dazzle Spa Playset

If your child likes a bit of glitz and glamour, sparkle and shine then the Ritzy Rollerz Dance n’ Dazzle Spa will be the ideal gift for them this Christmas. With lights and music, this fabulous play set on wheels opens up to reveal the Dance n’ Dazzle spa complete with vanity, lounge, spa and stage. The Dance n’ Dazzle spa also comes with 30 Ritzy charms and an exclusive Tori Tada unicorn, everything you need to get your collection started.  Ritzy Rollerz are super adorable collectable characters that can be decorated with Ritzy charms that sparkle and glitter! This is the cutest play set for ages 4-8 years and stockists include Argos, Smyths and The Entertainer.

Gift Guide Dance n' Dazzle spa


8 – Toniebox

Toniebox is a children’s audio system, perfect for your little one to enjoy listening to their favourite stories and songs.  Once set up (you will definitely need a grown up for that) Toniebox is an easy and fun way for your child to interact with their favourite stories, characters and songs. Place a Tonie figure on top of the box and the content will begin to play. The Toniebox starter kit is available in seven colours comes with the Toniebox speaker and a matching Creative-Tonie who has enough space for you to upload up to 90 minutes of your child’s favourite MP3s, Audiobooks and even stories you’ve narrated yourself.

If you would prefer to hear some Disney classics or enjoy a festive tale, you can purchase additional Tonies with each hand-painted character relating to their specific story or song. This is certainly a unique item and John Lewis has named it one of their top 10 toys for this Christmas.

Gift Guide Toniebox (1)
















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