About Me

About Me

Hello and welcome to Me Annie Bee!

I’m Anna,  a forty year old mum of two (8 & 5), drinking wine and trying to find the funny in parenting, for my own entertainment and sanity.

I have a degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Art Gallery & Museum studies.
I have worked in customer service for a phone company, a kitchen company and a pharmaceutical company.
I have worked in the Arts/Media bit of a community based company.
I have been a learning mentor in a school.
As you can see, my experience has directly led me to the role of stay at home mum.

I hate the term ‘full time mummy’, it makes me want to jab people with pins.
I’m not one of those wonderful Mummy type Mummys, I don’t enjoy chatting about poo and playing ‘My Child Can’ top trumps.
I much prefer trash TV (PLL and RHONY) and wine to competitive parenting.

Originally from the actual North, I now live in Leeds with my husband (after a LOT of asking, he finally caved) and our two children. A terribly clever and sassy eight year old, Aoife, and an ‘energetic’*, super affectionate five year old, Seth.

We also have two cats, Louis and Xabi, they are absolute idiots but they look pretty.

Grab a glass of wine and join me on my journey through the madness.

Anna x

*Thuggish and destructive

You can email me at anna@meanniebee.com – do me a favour, don’t send me spam links though.
No one likes spam.

I can also be found loitering all over the internet namely Facebook Twitter Instagram & Youtube

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  • Kate

    I love this so much! Empathise with the challenge stay at home mumdom brings after an interesting education and career.
    I get a real sense of this from you and hey I was brought up only a few miles from Leeds.
    All power to your blog!

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