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How to plan a festive family weekend in London

London is a great destination for a family weekend at any time of year, but it is extra magical at Christmas time. It can however be overwhelming knowing where to start with planning your weekend, particularly if you don’t visit London often. Here are some top tips that should ensure your getaway goes off without a hitch:


London is busy at the best of times and Christmas is no exception. Therefore, it is advisable to travel via train rather than driving to remove the stress of parking and confusing congestion charges. Thankfully trains to London Kings Cross are frequent across the country so you won’t struggle to find a way there. Book as far in advance as possible to get the best possible price and reserve seats for the whole family.

If you are travelling with children, don’t forget to pack some activities for the journey!

Book in advance

Similar to you, it is likely that lots of people will also be travelling to London for some festive fun during December. As a result, making advanced bookings is crucial to avoid disappointment once you arrive. From ice skating at Battersea Power Station to dinner in Shoreditch, book wherever possible.

Make sure to set reminders and save booking information on your phone for easy access whilst you’re away.

Plan in downtime

When planning a family weekend, it is very easy to create a jam-packed itinerary full of fun. Whilst this is done with good intent, it can often be hard to keep up with in reality. Planning in some downtime during your weekend is a great way to make sure you all enjoy yourself to the fullest and you don’t have overtired toddlers on your hands.

Seen as though you’re enjoying a festive weekend away, why not watch a Christmas film as a way to relax and keep the festive feeling?

Do your research

As fun as spontaneous weekends can be, when travelling with children or a large family this often doesn’t go to plan and can lead to disorganised chaos. Researching before you go will stand you in good stead for a successful weekend. Read up on reviews from people who have visited before to determine what activities are worth your while. It is also handy to look into whether people have advised the best times to visit places or any other helpful tips and tricks in general. Whilst researching, make notes of prices so that you have a good idea of how much the weekend is going to cost. London has plenty of free activities on offer so there are lots of budget-friendly options available.

If you’re travelling with a big group, split the research up between you. You could split research by day or activity type to make it more manageable.

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