You’ll never walk alone (with a toddler)

One of the THE most stressful part of my day is the walk home from school. It’s not far, a mile, it’s a slight incline all the way and it’s like being dragged about by a herd of rampaging wildebeest!

It starts in the playground while we wait for Aoife, Seth sits on the floor in the mud. Sometimes he might have a little lay, a small roll around. I take a snack to try and keep him on his feet. He has been known to pick it off the floor and eat it. Then he has a little crawl in the mud, he is more than capable of walking but crawling is more fun. Interestingly he never crawled before he could walk. Once Aoife has been gathered the fun really begins. As we walk home he will stop to carefully select a stick, a few steps later he will discard that one for a bigger one, a few more steps and that one will be cast aside for what can only be described as a tree trunk. Continue reading


What kind of Mummy are you?

Once a month I submit a post for Meet Other Mums, a lovely site for meeting other mums in your area and reading lots of fab blogs. The deadline was looming so obviously I did a quick ‘Which DC character are you?’ quiz before I started (Batman in case you’re interested). Obviously, in the spirit of equality I had to do a ‘Which Marvel character are you?’ quiz (Thor – URGH, No one wants to be Thor) and then a ‘Which female superhero/villain are you?’ (Harley Quinn) as you can tell, I love a good quiz. I always have, it started with the Just Seventeen ‘What kind of friend are you?’ and spiralled from there. In homage to my love of quizzes, I decided to create my very own.

So *drum roll* here it is, the one, the only, totally legit…

WHAT KIND OF MUMMY ARE YOU? Continue reading


The hardest thing about being a parent..IMO

Order is restored! Or at least something resembling order is restored.
Aoife is back at school, Rory is back at work and Seth is watching Toy Story 2 back to back whilst dressed as Buzz Lightyear.



Having been a lazy bum and taking a couple of weeks away from blogging and shameless self promotion I’m a bit tired so I decided to ease myself back into it gently and go for a Top Ten.

Here’s the Top Ten things I found hardest about becoming a parent, or more specifically a Mummy for that’s what I am. Continue reading


Happy New Year!

So here we are, ready to enter a brand spanking new year.
The year two thousand and seventeen.
It wil be my 39th year on this here planet.

I am a New Years Grinch.
If you take the passion with which I love Christmas I loathe New Year with that very same passion.
I hate the big deal made about a New Years Eve night out, buying a new outfit, over priced entry into crowded pubs and twice the price taxis home.
I don’t think so. Continue reading


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Christmas is my favourite time of year, definitely my hap-happiest season of all.

I watch too many made for TV Christmas films and aspire to romance that doesn’t exist that way, to live in a lovely lodge type home in Perfectville USA where everyone knows everyone and it snows at Christmas. To have garlands round the open fire, a Christmas tree in every room and throw amazing Christmas parties. Oh a girl can dream.  Continue reading


The Polar Express – Weardale (by a 6 year old)

I will come right out and apologise now.


As we are in that festive period, my attempt at creating a ‘perfect’ Christmas has gone into overdrive. With that and this ‘parenting’ thing I do I am going to probably be a shoddy blogger between now and the new year. Well, unless something irks me then my soap box and I will be out in full force.

I have decided to hand over this weeks post to a very special guest blogger who is going to give you her account and review of The Polar Express train ride. The red writing is me. The spelling mistakes are left in because they are hers.
(She is typing it herself so I apologise now for any offensive jokes or swears) keep on reading


Sweet child o’ mine.

In 2010 I was pregnant, I would have told you that if my child were a girl she wouldn’t always wear pink, if it were a boy he wouldn’t always wear blue.
I would have told you that my child would always show good manners.
My child wouldn’t have a snot encrusted face.
My child wouldn’t have massive public meltdowns. keep reading