“Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk, Talk about things you’d like to do…”

This morning as I caught up with the news I read an article about a trial in York regarding four grown men bullying a teenage colleague because he was Catholic (the trial is today. In the 21st century. Not 100 years ago surprisingly).

As I read I felt my face start to scowl and I realised that I’ve spent a lot of time recently reading articles and watching news with my eyebrows all angry and my WTF face on.
I was beginning to worry it would stay like that.

With football hooliganism, homophobic attacks, terrorism & the EU referendum on top of the refugee crisis, human trafficking and all the other bad going on I found myself worrying, once again, about the kind of world I’d bought my children into and how I could protect them from it. (I’m one of those people who gets REALLY wound up and cross about these things that I have no control over).

Now, as I’m fast approaching middle age I can’t afford to keep my face in such a negative position, I’ve heard it speeds the ageing process and I’m not in a position to be risking that! Also, as a believer the negativity breeds negativity, I realised it’s just not wise to obsess over these things. Yes they’re terrible, terrible events and situations and they make me really angry but I’ve got to try and make my immediate environment a pleasant one. This is is partly how I can keep my children safe.

And so I decided to counteract the negative in my head with positive (positivity breeds positivity, you see my thinking yeah?) and think of all the things that make me happy and luckily for you this is my outlet.

You’re welcome *winky face*

1 – Aoife climbing into bed with me on a morning, giving me a kiss a hug and saying ‘Good Morning’ rather than shouting at me for something I did wrong between bedtime and her waking me up.

2 – When I’m washing up in the kitchen and Seth runs to the door shouting “Mama, mama, mama” and I say “yes darling?” And he goes “Hello” in a sing song voice.

3 – Getting a fantastic line with an eyeliner pen. ON BOTH EYES.

4 – The sound and smell of the coffee machine making coffee. I had invested in a fancy pod machine but sold it as it wasn’t the same. It didn’t have the sound or fill the house will the smell of coffee like a filter machine does. Also, coffee with friends can go here.

5 – When you smile at a stranger and say ‘hello’ and they smile back and say ‘hello’ without looking at you like you’re a weirdo.

6 – The sound of wine pouring from a bottle.

7 – Rory giving me three kisses on the cheek every single day before he gets up. No death breath with a cheek kiss. WINNER!

8 – When folk do nice things for others but not for personal gain, just because it’s nice to be nice.

9 – Visiting my parents and feeling like I’ve gone home even though I’ve never lived in their current house.

10 – Picking up Aoife from school and having that ten minute chat with the other mums that cheers me up and sometimes is my only actual conversation that day.

11 – The first five minutes when the children have gone to bed quietly and the silence is big. Then Xabi comes along shouting at me and breaks the peace.

12 – Binge watching Pretty Little Liars, I KNOW I’m too old to watch it but it’s just fabulous, I defy anyone not to get hooked.

13 – Watching the Mummy bird in the garden take seeds from the bird feeder to her children as, although they’re growing up and can fly, they can’t quite figure out how to work the bird feeder yet (though Rory is getting pissed off with the birds for eating all the seeds so quickly – but they’re CUTE).

14 – The voicemails from my friend that make me laugh aloud and the subsequent catch up phone call (even though it reminds me she’s too far away).

15 – When good things happen to good people.

16 – The taste of a good red wine. Or a mediocre one, I’m really not that fussy.

17 – A day when news and social media isn’t full of humans being vile/snarky/mean to other humans.

18 – The smell of the air after a summer downpour. Like there’s been a big clean.

19 – Getting a new delivery of scented candles (I know, I know, it’s a bit Grandma but a good scented candle is hard to find)

20 – The smell of an empty Tictac box (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it).

21 – When I look in the mirror and don’t look 45, this doesn’t happen often so this is a good one.

22 – Being at an airport – I like the anticipation and excitement in the air from all the passengers.

23 – Noticing Aoife quietly copying my gestures or stance, but not the swears.

24 – When the children eat something I cook without complaining, I actually happy dance in this scenario.

25 – Pictures of baby polar bears.

26 – The peaceful breathing sounds the children make while they sleep, and not just because they’re asleep.

27 – When Aoife dresses herself, she likes to embrace all the colours and all the patterns at the same time. Girl got style.

28 – When I turn to look at Seth in the car and wink at him and he ‘winks’ back.

29 – Those times when we’re not shouting or rushing or faffing or fretting and I can just take a minute to look at my perfect little family and remember how lucky I am.

30 – Wine.

Just listing it down has already made me feel lighter and I can feel my brow is less furrowed.

What would be on your list of happy?

Write one and see.

Happy day to you all!

31 – Wine.


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