10 Reasons I am #Rockingmotherhood

Back in December the Rocking Motherhood tag was created by White Camellias in order to get us parents to think about the small but great things we do daily and celebrate what we’re doing right.
As a parent it’s so easy to get hung up on every mistake we make, to question every decision we’ve made and to fret that we’re doing nothing but failing our children daily (no, just me?). This tag is a wonderful way to get us to focus on what we’re doing right.

The Rocking Motherhood posts are ones I always enjoy reading and I always admire how these mums (for I’ve only read posts by mums) have 10 reasons they rock, I tried on occasion to compile my own list in my head and couldn’t even find one reason I rocked. I figured that was OK though as I didn’t really blip on anyone’s radar and therefore I would never be nominated.

Then I got a Twitter notification that I had been nominated by the lovely Lucy from Lucy at Home
It’s taken a month and it’s honestly one of the most difficult lists I have ever compiled but here are the 10 reasons I am #rockingmotherhood


I’m going to start by holding my hands up and admitting I tried to pass the buck onto my daughter. What’s the point in having a six year old if she can’t write your posts for you?

Me – “I have to write 10 ways that I’m good at being a Mummy, do you want to help me?”
Aoife – “Yes, I’ll help”
Me – “OK, tell me 10 ways I’m good at being a Mummy” (you’re impressed at that swift shift of responsibility right?)

1 Kindness
“You give me surprises and treats even when I don’t really ask for them. Surprises like Scoffles (aim low darling) and you take us nice places.”

2 Loving
“You always tell us that you love us and I love that”

“Can I just do two? I don’t really have any other reasons, I’ll just say you’re the best mummy in the world.”

Whilst this is a very sweet parting shot, it leaves my list 8 reasons short so I guess I’ll finish it myself!

3 Christmas
I’m AMAZING at Christmas, the decorations, baking, traditions, songs and films. I have two small Christmas fans who find Christmas completely magical because of the little things I do. Gingerbread houses, magic keys, letters from the Elves, Christmas trips. OH I AM SO EXCITED.

4 Heart
I let Aoife listen to Heart FM. I hate it. HATE IT. I don’t like Little Mix or Katy Perry but she LOVES all that crap and I let her listen to it as it makes her happy even though it makes my soul weep.

5 Worry
I worry so hard about everything. I worry that I am making wrong choices. I worry how my children will grow. I worry that I am not doing right by them. I worry all the time  but I’ve been reassured by other people that this worry is the very reason I am a good mummy.

6 Teaching
I teach them without them even noticing! They think we’re having fun and playing and stuff but I’m teaching them to read and to count and they’re pretty good at it. It’s not just the educational stuff though. I am teaching them to be kind and to be loving. I’m teaching them that love and happiness is more important than stuff. This is what makes good people IMO.

7 Individuality
I encourage my children to be THEM. I encourage Aoife to wear and do what she wants to do not what everyone else is doing. I know she’s at the age where she wants to fit in and be like everyone else and I don’t stop her from doing that but I do talk to her about how it’s OK to be different to other people and that everyone is amazing even if they don’t wear the same clothes and do the same things. Being different is way cooler than being identikit.

8 Importance
I put my children, and my boyfriend, first and I always will. This is a bit of a big deal for me as before I met Rory and had children I was all about me. Everything I did was to my own end and I didn’t care a jot about others, my happiness was most important. Now their happiness is the most important thing to me and I’d move heaven and earth if I had to. I’d rather not but I will.

9 Mama Bear
I’m a proper Mama Bear, I’ve got my little family’s backs. I’m a protector. If you do anything against them I will come down on you like the mother of all shit storms and then some more for luck. I don’t care who you are, I would become your worst nightmare.

10 Mummy
I’m their Mummy.  Aoife is always telling me I’m beautiful, I’m funny, I’m the best mummy. She’s six, she doesn’t play with words, she says whatever is on her mind. They both tell me they love me all the time. They don’t see my failings and my faults. They simply see their mummy who they love with their whole heart.
I totally rock.


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Won’t you tell us all how you’re #rockingmotherhood ?




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    • Anna

      My daughter always lets me know when I’m parenting badly! It’s good to sit and try to make a list of the good things. You should make a list 🙂
      Thanks for reading.

    • Anna

      Thank you, seriously – the hardest thing I’ve ever written! I truly admire those people who can say good stuff about themselves more often than the odd tag! Thanks for reading and see you next linky x

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