Perfect Presents and Surprises for Your Little One’s Birthday.

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Birthdays are one of the most exciting days in our little ones’ calendar years. The novelty may have worn off for you and your partner, but it remains a highlight for any kid. Why? Well, it’s a day completely about them.

They get presents and surprises. They spend time with their loved ones. Best of all? Cake. However, unlike days gone by, kids tend to have higher expectations than a small homemade gift and a slice of cake. So, if the pressure is on and you’re feeling stuck for inspiration, here are a few ideas to delight your little ones.



Decoration really adds the sparkle to any birthday celebration. It’s that extra touch that lets your little one know that you’ve put in the extra effort to make them feel extra special. So where to start? Banners! You can buy premade banners from any good card shop. Stick them across the walls of your living space with blu tack (so as not to mark your walls). If you want an extra special look, you can buy some bunting decorated with your child’s age, or personalised letter banners with a cheerful message. Sprinkle confetti over the surfaces of any tables that your kids are going to dine from and leave party poppers around for them to pull. Just remember to keep an eye on them while they’re using them to save any tears for ones let off too close to their faces.


Gifts are one of the main things that children look forward to. So make a big deal of them! Whether the gifts are large or small, expensive or cheaper, make sure to wrap them up in bright beautiful paper with ribbons and bows. Half of the fun of gifts is opening them. Gather everyone round to watch as your little one grins from ear to ear as they tear through the paper and undo pretty bows. Chances are that your child has hinted endlessly over the past couple of weeks as to what they might like. But if you’re stuck for ideas, there are a few failsafe options at Cottage Toys. These boutique gifts are wood based and truly unique.


Birthday cake! Nobody knows your own child better than you do, so you’ll know what flavour cake to get them. Most people opt for regular birthday cake (a kind of Victoria Sponge) or chocolate. But some kids might have more obscure tastes and prefer lemon cakes, carrot cakes or some other variety or flavour. When you are ready to present the treat to your child, unbox it, put candles in, light them and carry the whole lot through to your unexpecting little one while singing happy birthday loud and clear. They’ll be so excited! Remember to get them to make a wish as they blow the candles out. It’s birthday tradition.

Birthday Outfit

If you’re going out for a family meal or having guests over later in the evening, make sure that your child has a special birthday ensemble ready. They will want to wear something attention grabbing for the occasion, so make sure that they feel like the prince or princess that they are.

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