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Six weeks is a long time off school and out of ‘learning’ for a child, this and the transition into a new academic year can mean that for some it can take a little while to get back into the swing of things.

I want Aoife to have a well earned break during the holidays, of course I do,  but I also want her to be ready to get back into it straight away once the new term starts rather than struggle with the change.
I’m aware this makes me sound like some harsh task master, I assure you I’m not hiring personal tutors during the holidays!
It’s just that Aoife actually really enjoys learning right now and while she does I am going to encourage and embrace it!

We were asked to take a look at Education Quizzes –  a website designed for children full of educational quizzes, as the name suggests, that cover a variety of subjects across all levels from KS1 right through to GCSE.
All of the quizzes are written by teachers and so compliment the national curriculum.

The website is clearly laid out and simple for even the youngest in the age range to negotiate. Aoife just took the laptop from me and got started right away.

KS1 is relevant to us so that’s where we headed.

Many subjects are covered including Maths, English, Science, Art and PSHE.
Start by choosing the broader subject you want to study, in our case maths,  then you’ll find there are an abundance of quizzes to choose from within that, all that are relevant to the Key stage chosen.


Once you have chosen a quiz subject  there is a brief explanation about what skills will be looked at and worked on. Aoife chose ‘Multiply in any order’ where she should be able to “recognise the commutative property of a multiplication calculation” OR  6 x 5 and 5 x 6 are the same some.
The child is then given a series of multiple choice questions to answer. Whether a question is answered correctly or incorrectly, a short explanation of the working out appears.


Education Quizzes is fantastic tool for encouraging school work. The subsection menu also shows when quizzes were last taken and the score that was achieved so that progress can be easily monitored by parents or the school.
Aoife’s school use a similar programme to this but it only focuses on maths, Education Quizzes cover all the curriculum subjects, offering a bit more variety.
Sometimes sitting writing or doing homework can feel like a bit of a chore to Aoife but she will happily sit and do these quizzes for ages, she doesn’t see it as learning, instead it’s fun – Funducation!

The monthly subscription of £9.95 can be cancelled at any point but it probably doesn’t suit everyone’s budget.
If schools can be encouraged to take the subscription out, the cost per child can be drastically reduced, possibly to as low as £2 per child.
I should imagine it would actually be a valuable tool for schools to have.
The sections for the earlier stages could be used to set challenges that could be monitored with certificates to encourage home use.
The later sections could be used to set homework or as a revision aid for the older years.
Heck, OFSTED might even give them a little pat on the head for it!

Aoife is a big fan of the website, she said she would “use it a lot” as it would keep her “brain going through the holidays”.
Ever conscientious!


We received access to the Education Quizzes website in return for our honest opinion. Disclaimer 



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