Step Aside Ella, this is the real Summertime

I love Ella Fitzgerald, really I do, but when she sang Summertime with such passion and warmth it’s clearly because she didn’t have my two to contend with.

I’ve previously spoken about my Summertime woes, now here’s my version of Summertime.

Like butter wouldn’t melt.

Summertime, and the weather is shocking.
Rain is falling, indoors tempers are high.
Daddy’s at work, so Mummy’s hanging in there.
Please stop shouting, and don’t you dare sigh.

One of these mornings, you’re gonna wake up past dawn.
Mummy will smile, and probably lose her shit less.
Until that morning, Mummy’s still grumpy.
No we’re not crafting, I can’t deal with the mess.

Summertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy.
It’s been a few weeks, no they haven’t flown by.
Daddy’s at work, and Mummy’s feeling resentful.
I’m off to the toilet, for a tweet and a cry.

I let you watch Netflix, for much longer than usual,
I feel pretty bad, but can’t bear to decline.
Crafting ain’t fun, and your baking is awful,
Please don’t eat that. Someone pass me the wine.

Summertime, and we finally had sunshine.
The day was glorious, and the pollen was high.
We ventured outside, for a bit of a day trip.
Mummy sneezed and it all went awry.

Summertime, our relationship’s broken.
Kids I love you, but you can be bloody tough.
We’ll quickly forget it, and look forward to Christmas.
But for now September can’t come quick enough.


If you’re a REAL glutton for punishment you can see me sing destroy the song here.


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