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5 of the easiest places to visit in Europe.

Europe is undeniably diverse when it comes to travel destinations—from serene beach holidays to bustling city breaks, Europe truly has it all and more. But what about the easier, more laid-back locations? Here are just five of them if you’re looking for a quiet escape.

 Barcelona, Spain

 When it comes to city breaks, none are as sun-soaked, tranquil and easy as Barcelona—this Spanish city is definitely more laid-back than its European counterparts.

That isn’t to say it lacks diversity, though. You could sightsee with landmarks such as the iconic Sagrada Familia, a towering cathedral that is near completion after being under construction for a staggering 135 years. You could stop at a restaurant and indulge in some delicious traditional dishes—or you may want to simply stroll down the ramblas and soak in the culture and notably restful atmosphere. It’s certainly one of the most interesting cities to explore, and I’m definitely one for that kind of holiday!

 Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Although it’s known for its typically hedonistic personality, Amsterdam has a lot more to offer. Saturated with culture and history, the city can be sleepy and laid back when you want it to be.

Even a mere stroll through the quaint streets of Amsterdam is an easy activity but it’s also a rewarding one—it’s one of the world’s most picturesque cities. Be sure to head to some of its attractions, too, the Anne Frank House being the most famed one. And, if it interests you, coffee shops are frequented by travellers and locals who simply want to sit down and relax.

 Reykjavik, Iceland

 It may not be the first choice on many people’s lists, but for a rather unique city break, Reykjavik can provide a different kind of holiday. There’s a lot of culture to be uncovered in every corner, from food to architecture—be sure to snap a picture of the striking Hallgrimskirkja church. An added bonus? The locals here are often said to be some of the world’s friendliest.

Algarve, Portugal

 It’s frequented by families and stag-dos alike, which suggests the Algarve has something for absolutely everyone—especially if you’re looking to take it slow.

For a good all-rounder of a destination, Albufeira is a safe bet. It’s definitely becoming more of a party town in certain areas, but the Old Town has retained its traditional, laid-back quality, making it perfect for a quiet, whimsical escape to the seaside.

 Amalfi Coast, Italy

 Italy’s Amalfi Coast is such an easy destination to visit that it’s even recommended for pregnant travellers. So, if you’re searching for a quiet, peaceful beach getaway, it could be the perfect destination for you.

The turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea are picturesque enough, but the entirety of the Amalfi Coast’s setting makes for one of Europe’s most beautiful locations. In fact, it’s so impressive that it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1997—so, for a more impressive beach holiday, the Amalfi Coast could be the perfect choice.

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