What does your bedroom say about you?

The children both have beautiful rooms, we let them choose their own colours – Aoife chose pinks and lilacs with butterflies and Seth chose blue with vehicles and dinosaurs. 
They have beautiful wall stickers, matching bedding and curtains – the works.
When they were first done they looked like those bedrooms you see in catalogues.
Both rooms are were little havens of tranquility. I say were, they’ve obviously ‘accidentally’ drawn on the walls since then.

I must confess to having bedroom envy.

Our room isn’t quite as as I’d like.
Whereas I love interiors and considering small details, Rory just wants a bed and a duvet and doesn’t really care what they look like and whether they match.

Current decor-busy

As a result, our room is a bit of a mish mash.
We have teal wallpaper with birds on (better than it sounds, honest) with soft grey walls.
The bedding we have is the same bedding we’ve always had, the curtains are nice but don’t match the wall paper and thanks to modern builders thinking an en suite is more desirable that actual space in a room, we don’t have much in the way of bedroom furniture.

Our room currently indicates a life of chaos with a hint of ‘What were you thinking?’

Obviously, me being the ‘planning’ sort, I have a firm idea in my mind as to what I’d actually like our bedroom to look like.

How I envisage MY haven of tranquility?

First of all, my ideal bedroom would be a child free zone.
Yeah, you heard, child free.
That may sound a little uncaring or whatnot but even the bathroom isn’t a place I can escape to in this house. I have literally no space to get away from the whining and telling of tales.

My perfect room would offer this sanctuary (a panic room maybe?)

It would have neutral or soft grey walls, maybe a bit of a hint of silver flock around the place. The bedroom furniture would be light, not white,  with a proper wooden floor. A cross between New England and rustic French. The room would also have a chair in the corner for sitting and thinking on.

Who doesn’t want to just sit and think?

The Bedding would be blue or at the very least have blue accents to it, something pretty from Julian Charles or somewhere and, of course, my curtains would match.

It would be airy and spacious.

Something like this but with less bed & carpet and a touch more blue. Fussy? Moi?

I’m aware as I write this, it actually sounds pretty stark and unimaginative, so much so that I decided to have a quick Google to check that I hadn’t become a dull, unartistic individual!

It turns out grey has a pretty bad rep in regards to personality.

It’s considered neutral, a fence sitter with no opinion, averse to risk or any decision whatsoever
I confess, I find ordering pizza a bit tricky but I’m not short of an opinion or two!

However, it also indicates an attempt to try and protect yourself from the chaos outside, that speaks VOLUMES.

Blue is considered to have a calming effect and so, in a bedroom so would, in theory, help you go to bed relaxed and wake up refreshed.

If a colour can offer that gem then I’m sold!

So basically, unbeknownst to me, my colour choice of bedroom is indicative of my desire for a bit of peace and a decent night sleep!

Although my colour choice for bedroom might (wrongly in my humble opinion) suggest I’m a bit of a yawn, I have discovered what my favourite colour says about me.
I always thought that liking blue suggested I was cold hearted, it turns out I actually love harmony, am reliable and sensitive and always thinking of others.

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but…toot toot.

There might be something in this colour psychology malarky after all!What does your bedroom say about you? #bedroom #interior #bedroominteriors #colourpsychology #bedroomcolours #decorating #bedroomcolor #colorpsychology

What does your colour choice say about you?


This is a collaborative post but I am finding this colour psychology lark very interesting. 

Thanks for reading, I'd love to know what you think.

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