Botox: Pushing The Age Envelope A Bit Further

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For a race that is obsessed with beauty, Botox does not come as a surprise for many. The new age injection that breathes life into dull skin laden with fine lines; it is perhaps the best answer for looking good at any age. Professionals like Therapie Clinic have a beeline of patients heading for these anti-ageing miracles. And while you thought this obsession was meant to be hoarded exclusively by women; it was not long before men joined the club.

The origin of Botox

Botox was primarily discovered by a scientist named Emile Pierre van Ermengem, from Belgium. He was experimenting with the product after a botulism outbreak. By the mid-1920s, several scientists at the California University, San Francisco had first experimented in isolating botulinum toxin. However, it took about two decades for the botulinum toxin to be finally isolated and created in its crystalline form by Dr Edward Schantz.

The earliest versions were used by scientists in the 1970s, to treat strabismus (i.e., crossed eyes).The initial testing was done on monkeys. Researchers found out that botulinum toxin completely reduced wrinkles in the glabella; the shaft of skin present between the eyebrows and a little above the nose.

After a successful dose of botulinum toxin for the treatment of strabismus, Allergan, a global pharmaceutical company licensed this treatment and gave it its brand name that is so famously known as; Botox. Gradually, Botox received the much needed FDA approval for a plethora of medical as well as cosmetic uses.

So why Botox?

Well, to begin with, it helps you hide the tell-all signs that ageing accompanies. Specifically, all thinking lines, crow’s feet and laugh lines just seem to smoothen up. The signs may not immediately show up, it eventually does show up after a few weeks. While an injection may frighten you, it’s only when you get to know how it works that allows doctors to spin their magic. The process goes something like this: the injection helps in clearing up areas of the skin in extremely small concentrations. It further moves up by blocking nerve signals wherein it has been injected. When these are blocked, the affected muscle is temporarily relaxed, and the skin becomes smoother. Clinics usually have a skilled team of doctors to work upon the trouble areas so you can be sure that they are indeed dedicated to making you look like you have just got out of a spa. 

Professional clinics have been injecting their patients with Botox since the early 2000s. Of course, there are after-effects too and this would largely depend on patient to patient. Bruising, swellings, headaches and another discomfort may occur with muscle weakness in the affected area. The good news though, is that these symptoms wear off in time. It only takes a few minutes of pinprick pain and you begin to see the effect in anything from 2-5 days. The best results though can be viewed in about 2-3 weeks.

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