Top Tips to Prepare for the Journey of Parenthood.

An amazing 395,000 babies were born on 1st January 2019, which is an amazing figure. Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world; it can be a challenging one too. It is a journey of discovery, a journey full of surprises, and being prepared can help you with any challenges it brings. Below are some tips to help you prepare for the journey of parenthood.

Get in Shape

This means kicking any bad habits into touch! From eating too much junk food to smoking, stopping these habits will positively impact your health and well-being. Getting in good shape for children is very beneficial, especially when it comes to toddlers running around! It is also great to be in good shape if you are giving birth or if you have had an egg donation. Not to mention your body will be ready for the sleepless nights that come with newborn babies.

Learn to Say No

There are times when we want to please everyone, and we do things or go places that we really don’t want to go to. When you have children, there will be untold demands on your time. It can feel overwhelming. During pregnancy, learn to say no to things that are exhausting you. 

Take time for yourself and prepare for parenthood by ensuring self-care is a top priority. Learning to say no will also help you learn to say no to your child too!

Build up Networks

Parenting can also be lonely. Start building up your networks and support by joining parent groups. This also helps with self-care and positive mental health too. Having people around you to help or talk to and offer up suggestions will be of benefit to you when you need it most. This is especially helpful during a lockdown situation and understanding how to survive lockdown.

Keep Your Relationship Alive

When a new baby comes along and sleepless nights are the order of the day, relationships may suffer. Keep your communication lines open in your relationship and talk to each other about how you feel or what is on your mind. This is essential to ensure you are aware of your own feelings. Contact your health professional if you feel you aren’t coping very well to get the available support.

Start Saving

Babies can cost a lot of money, start saving for the expense of parenthood immediately and consider starting a fund for college as soon as your baby is born. It is certainly not easy saving as a parent but with a bit of know-how and planning it can be done.

Manage Your Expectations

Reality comes with parenthood and the realization that it’s not all rosy. Remember, a baby changes many things within a family, be prepared for that, and be prepared for whatever comes your way. There is no such thing as perfection or being a perfect parent. All parents can do is try their best. This is so true when you can’t get everything done that you hoped you would.


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