Returning to the Workforce After a Long Absence – How to Look Professional and Fashionable

Are you preparing to enter the workforce after many years away? If so, there is no doubt you are filled with excitement for what lies ahead, as well as some stress and anxiety. A lot changes in a year, never mind a decade or more. This can make it a bit scary for people looking to re-enter the workforce and focus on their careers.
One thing that can help make the process a little smoother and a little less intimidating is to look the part. Here’s how you can look professional and fashionable as you re-enter the workforce after a long absence.

Know the Dress Code in the Work Environment

The first tip is to make sure you dress for the work environment. You want to be sure you fit in whatever the dress code is. It used to be that office environments were much more formal than they are now, with business casual becoming a popular dress code. This means you may be able to dress more comfortably than you did in the past.

Use Accessories as a Pop of Interest and Fashion

In most cases, it makes sense to stick to staple pieces as your wardrobe options, but to then add interest, colour and fashion through accessories. Accessories can be swapped out throughout the year to match up with the season and what’s currently trending, and they will breathe life into everything in your wardrobe.

The Fit Has to Be Right

If you’re going to invest money in new work-appropriate clothing, you need to be sure the fit is right. Fit is everything and can make more budget-friendly pieces look high-end if they fit you properly. This may mean hemming your trousers, taking in your blazer or jacket and trying everything on before you purchase it.

Brush Up on the Latest Makeup Trends

While there is no need to wear heavy makeup to work, you may wish to wear some light makeup to help you feel more pulled together. If that’s the case, be sure to look into the latest makeup trends which can include colours, products and applications tips.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Provide Beautiful Results

Now, maybe you’re not satisfied with the above-mentioned tips and you want more noticeable results. If that’s the case, cosmetic surgery may be a good option. These procedures can give instant and dramatic results that will fill you with confidence.
Neck lift surgery is one that you may want to look a little closer at. Bella Vou can perform neck lift surgery that lifts, tightens and smooths out your jawline and neck. During the procedure, any loose skin and extra fat will be removed and sagging muscles can be lifted. The results are a more youthful complexion.

With these tips, you’ll be able to do all the necessary updates that ensure you look professional and fashionable as you re-enter the workforce. It’s time to head back with confidence.

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